Silly Band Names

Everyone talks about what they’d name their band. After attending Firefly, I have learned that bands can have some incredibly asinine names. Here are some silly band names I came up with while bored. Feel free to use any of them.

  • Organic Oxygen
  • A Frayed Knot
  • Omega-3
  • Alien Apocalypse
  • Squad Goals
  • Babylon Public Rail System
  • The Hashtags
  • Ewok Uprising
  • Catching Shade
  • Silent Thunder (from John Oliver’s rant about Jill Stein)
  • The Bug Jacket
  • Atlantis Underground
  • Expatriots
  • Zero Degrees Kelvin
  • Invisible Shambles (an indie name generator)
  • Deflated Elation (from a generator)
  • Something Wicked (I actually really like this but it’s probably taken)

Richer Reading Life Activity 7

I read aloud to someone I love. I convinced my library to get a copy of Ghostly Encounters by Jeff Scott Cole. Cole is a teacher/history buff by day, paranormal investigator by night. He talks about how he got involved, tools of the trade, and various experiences/encounters he’s had. He included several QR codes that link to (mostly) audio and video evidence.

Boyfriend and I were on a Ghost Adventures binge last fall and he’s listened to several episodes of Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast. When one of the EVPs was incredibly clear, I had Boyfriend listen to it. He was impressed and I read to him several times from the book so he could have context for the EVPs or would know the creepy tales of the various places.

I give Ghostly Encounters 3.5/5. It was interesting writing and the interactive QR codes were excellent. However, I often had to stockpile them since I read on the train and had no signal. They weren’t easily found on the website either. My other big complaint was the lack of book. The memoir/narrative stopped after less than 200 pages. Around 60 pages were devoted to listing some haunted places in all 50 states and different paranormal groups in each state.

Those lists could have been on the website. The haunted places were cool but very abridged and I don’t need to know about paranormal groups in Utah or Minnesota. I’d rather have more book and more tales. It was good, not great. It was fun being able to share it with Boyfriend though.


I recently discovered this article about living on next to nothing. I’ve got to stop spending and start saving this year so it made me think about what I currently do to save money and what I can do.

We live in an apartment in one of the most expensive areas of the country. We get a lot of students since our building has some of the cheaper studios and folks can throw out some nice things. We got our above-the-toilet shelf for free next to the dumpster.

Boyfriend and I were doing some furniture shopping for my dresser. After figuring out the best one for us, we had the good fortune to find it on clearance at the furniture store for 50% off.

I sell a lot of clothes and accessories I no longer use on Poshmark. They recently had a Christmas sale with discounted shipping. I made $90 in December. I’ve bought stuff on here as well.

My impulse control is crap so I try to actively avoid going into Sephora, B&N, certain sections of Target, and a few other places to avoid temptation. I’ve got a web blocker at home and work to avoid the websites.

I freeze bread, fruit, meat, and other leftovers so they don’t spoil.

I pick up spare change off the ground. It all goes into a bank and gets cashed when the bank is full.

I bring reusable bags to the store. Most places will give you some sort of $.05 bag credit.

I either bring my lunch or go to the grocery store 2 blocks away and buy the necessary ingredients. I’ve been out to lunch less than 5 times since August.

I always bring home leftovers from office parties. They bring out the containers and I load up.

I’m trying to own fewer things so some of my old jewelry has been used as or as part of gifts for others. I take great care of my things, buy quality, and consider the recipient so this one isn’t as cheapsake-tastic as it sounds.

I pluck my eye brows in between my hair appointments so I don’t have to pay to get them waxed into the shape I like. I try to stretch out the time between hair appointments.

Groupons are great for some of the more expensive date activities. Wanna go to a paid musuem? Wait for a deal.

I don’t pay ATM fees. I go to places like CVS or grocery stores, buy a pack of gum, and get cash back.

I use Viggle. You get points for watching TV and listening to songs. They used to do gift cards but now I use it instead of buying music.

I buy generic most of the time. If the active ingredients are the same, why pay more?

I use ebates and ibotta. I tried Bookscouter but nothing was worth it. Does anyone know any other good apps to save money?

What are some of your best money saving tips?


With Powerball’s current estimated jackpot at $700 million, the largest it’s ever been in U.S. history, I plan on buying a ticket tomorrow. No one expects to win but everyone likes to think about what they’d do if they did.

1) Find a financial planner & a lawyer

I don’t know the first thing about investing but I’d get a professional to help me figure it out. I’d set aside a small chunk to just sit in savings and a respectable chunk to live in checking but most of it would be invested. Fortunately, I’m friends with a practicing lawyer so he should know people.

2) Buy real estate

Despite what the recession would have you believe, it’s almost always a solid investment. I quite like my current neighborhood but the smallest/cheapest houses are about $800,000. With winnings like that, I can pay cash for a very nice house.

3) Quit working

With money like that, I wouldn’t need to continue working to live. I’d probably stay at my current temp assignment until I got a few things figured out but I’d probably stop working. Since I’d go stir crazy with nothing to do, I’d start volunteering and writing more.

4) Join a gym

With nothing but time and a flexible schedule, I can find a gym with a pool and join up. I’ll work with a trainer and finally get in butt-kicking shape.

5) Travel

I’d plan some sick vacations. My bucket list of travel includes an African safari, diving the Great Barrier Reef, Disney bingo, Aokigahara & Tokyo, the rodeo in Alberta and Bay of Fundy, Anarctica, inside the arctic circle, and most of Europe.

6) Live

Boyfriend and I would eventually like to get married and have kids. Kids are effing expensive. I would also like to adopt a kid from somewhere they might not have the greatest chance at life. Winning would give me the financial security to not worry about the expenses of those things in life.

The fundamental things that make someone happy aren’t monetary. I’ve got a great group of friends, a solid partner, and a pretty nice family if I include the in-laws. Wealth would change a lot of things about my life but it wouldn’t alter the most fundamental things that bring me joy.

New Years Resolutions

This post on Book Clubbish got me thinking about my literary New Year’s resolution which got me thinking about resolutions in general. I’ve never been a big fan of them. I’ve routinely found them difficult to completed. However, everything on my list is something I actively want to do so I might as well add the extra motivation.

Will any of these last past January? Definitely. Past June? No idea. Let’s find out, shall we?


1) Eat better

2) Exercise more/be more active

3) Spend less money on frivolous things

4) Make more recipes

5) Pay off credit card

6) Write more

7) Be tidier

8) Own less stuff

9) Resume using Duolingo to improve my residual college German

10) Travel somewhere fun

11) Spend less time on iPhone

12) Make more chain maille jewelry




1) Finish books started in 2015

2) Complete 2016 book challenge

3) Read at least one book before seeing the movie

4) Only buy 16 books outside of cons/fairs & gifts

5) Get number of books owned back under 700

6) Buy at least 1 book at a local indie bookstore

7) Finish the Fables graphic novel series. I have them all. I just haven’t wanted it to be over.

8) See the Deadpool movie in theaters. I am absolute rubbish about seeing things in the theaters but I’m too much of a fan girl to let this one stand.


What Should I Be?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Halloween this year. I was originally thinking a feminist Hulk but that requires more pieces and makeup than I can really afford to buy. I need to come up with 2 costumes for 2 different parties. Here’s what I’ve got available to me:

-Victorian widow
-Serial killer (they look just like everybody else)
-Stand-up comedian (they look like everyone else except broke)
-Cereal killer
-(Fallen) Angel (white graduation robe)
-Death/victim of higher education (black graduation robe)
-Catholic school survivor

Last year I was the color purple and the year before that I was a witch. I might be able to pull off a fae but it’s reachy. I have a bunch of RenFest stuff but that maybe be a little overdone since our RenFest wraps right before Halloween. There’s a little too much of me to love for me to be comfortable as the TARDIS or Lolitapool all night.

I could do a ‘spirit of Halloween.’ I could reuse some of the same pieces I used for the witch but I want my costume to be a bit more straight forward this year. I did a conceptual costume last year.

I’m leaning toward the pirate for one weekend and the widow for another. The widow will require some makeup but I should be able to pick something up at the drugstore. I’d have to make my face very pale but I’ve already got the rest of the makeup for both looks.

New Blog!

A brand new blog!

I like reading, feminism, dogs, Doctor Who, nerd conventions, and a few other things. I just started cohabitating with my boyfriend so I’m hoping to blog about all of this.

I’m not a stranger to blogging but I have several friends who follow my personal blog and sometimes I want the freedom to process my feelings without worrying about the repercussions of hurting people’s feelings. I process things by writing and/or speaking so I need to get the words out.

I don’t plan on making all my posts about my drama but if you like peeking into someone else’s life, I can help with that.