With Powerball’s current estimated jackpot at $700 million, the largest it’s ever been in U.S. history, I plan on buying a ticket tomorrow. No one expects to win but everyone likes to think about what they’d do if they did.

1) Find a financial planner & a lawyer

I don’t know the first thing about investing but I’d get a professional to help me figure it out. I’d set aside a small chunk to just sit in savings and a respectable chunk to live in checking but most of it would be invested. Fortunately, I’m friends with a practicing lawyer so he should know people.

2) Buy real estate

Despite what the recession would have you believe, it’s almost always a solid investment. I quite like my current neighborhood but the smallest/cheapest houses are about $800,000. With winnings like that, I can pay cash for a very nice house.

3) Quit working

With money like that, I wouldn’t need to continue working to live. I’d probably stay at my current temp assignment until I got a few things figured out but I’d probably stop working. Since I’d go stir crazy with nothing to do, I’d start volunteering and writing more.

4) Join a gym

With nothing but time and a flexible schedule, I can find a gym with a pool and join up. I’ll work with a trainer and finally get in butt-kicking shape.

5) Travel

I’d plan some sick vacations. My bucket list of travel includes an African safari, diving the Great Barrier Reef, Disney bingo, Aokigahara & Tokyo, the rodeo in Alberta and Bay of Fundy, Anarctica, inside the arctic circle, and most of Europe.

6) Live

Boyfriend and I would eventually like to get married and have kids. Kids are effing expensive. I would also like to adopt a kid from somewhere they might not have the greatest chance at life. Winning would give me the financial security to not worry about the expenses of those things in life.

The fundamental things that make someone happy aren’t monetary. I’ve got a great group of friends, a solid partner, and a pretty nice family if I include the in-laws. Wealth would change a lot of things about my life but it wouldn’t alter the most fundamental things that bring me joy.


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