New Years Resolutions

This post on Book Clubbish got me thinking about my literary New Year’s resolution which got me thinking about resolutions in general. I’ve never been a big fan of them. I’ve routinely found them difficult to completed. However, everything on my list is something I actively want to do so I might as well add the extra motivation.

Will any of these last past January? Definitely. Past June? No idea. Let’s find out, shall we?


1) Eat better

2) Exercise more/be more active

3) Spend less money on frivolous things

4) Make more recipes

5) Pay off credit card

6) Write more

7) Be tidier

8) Own less stuff

9) Resume using Duolingo to improve my residual college German

10) Travel somewhere fun

11) Spend less time on iPhone

12) Make more chain maille jewelry




1) Finish books started in 2015

2) Complete 2016 book challenge

3) Read at least one book before seeing the movie

4) Only buy 16 books outside of cons/fairs & gifts

5) Get number of books owned back under 700

6) Buy at least 1 book at a local indie bookstore

7) Finish the Fables graphic novel series. I have them all. I just haven’t wanted it to be over.

8) See the Deadpool movie in theaters. I am absolute rubbish about seeing things in the theaters but I’m too much of a fan girl to let this one stand.



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