SDCC Themed Entertainment

San Diego Comic Con is on my bucket list of things I want to do someday. I’m waaaaaay too broke to do it now but that doesn’t mean I cant enjoy it from afar.

My weekend reads

A geeky themed playlist.

To everyone going, have fun and bring me back something awesome.


Media Monday: Sounds Like

Alice Merton has a song that got a good bit of radio play last winter. I enjoy No Roots because there aren’t enough alternative songs with a catchy beat.

Her sound reminded me of Laura Welsh, whose song Break the Fall got some TV play.

Laura Welsh has a voice and overall sound that reminds me a bit of Florence + the Machine. You can hear it in songs like What Kind of Man.

Media Mondays: YouTube Channels

I don’t just watch BookTube. During the NHL Playoffs, I suspended Netflix. When hockey wasn’t happening, I watched several of these with my husband.

BuzzFeed Unsolved (part of BuzzFeed Blue)

Two dudes investigate cold crimes and the paranormal.

Cinema Sins

I took too many film classes in college to not I see some mistakes. I love that there’s an entire channel devoted to snarking about them. To counterpoint, another guy does the same movies for CinemaWins and movies can be awesome to gets sins removed so it’s not all hate.

Film Theory

You’re familiar with crazy fan theories about pop culture? MatPat takes it to another level and it’s fascinating.

Pop Culture Detective

Smart video essays about popular culture

SciShow, SciShow Psych, SciShow Space

Short video essays about science and the world.


Like SciShow but affiliated with the Discovery Channel.

Ask a Mortician

All the question about death you didn’t know you had.

Jonathan Young

He does amazing metal covers. My favorite are his Disney covers.

Alex Boyè

An African singer who does beautiful covers and fun originals.

Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra

I’m not a gamer but I really love some of their lists or competitions. It’s silly and fun.

Steve Hofstetter

I discovered his comedy when one of his heckler take downs went viral. I’ve been a fan ever since

Deadpool 2 Review/Rant

I saw Deadpool 2 recently and I’m a big fan of the merc with a mouth. The first movie was pitch perfect so I knew it was going to be hard to live up to. I knew this yet I’m still disappointed.

What follows is a rant about what I think needed tweaking with Deadpool 2. SPOILERS abound.

Too many meta jokes

We all enjoy Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking but they overdid it here. We did not need a Hulk, Thanos, and Winter Soldier joke. These meta cracks were at a 12 when they should have been at a 7 or 8. This is not the only thing that makes Pool Pool.

Undoing a happy ending

The previous movie ended happily so let’s undo that. I hated it when Infinity War did it, I hated it when Deadpool does it. I’m not sure why Vanessa dying was necessary. I get why the decision was made story-wise but I don’t have to like it. There has got to be a better way for character growth beyond torturing the protagonist.


The team lasted around 5 minutes. The Vanisher was a fun joke, Zeitgeist’s death was close to cannon, and Shatterstar was never a BFD in the comics but I am genuinely offended at how they wasted Terry Cruz. In my head cannon, he is resuscitated and back for the third film.

More Final Boss

For all the foreshadowing and buildup to the final mutant boss, I’m still pretty ignorant about movie Juggernaut. What’s his deal? Who is his brother? Why is he a bad guy? Who are we dealing with? It wasn’t clear why I was supposed to care as much as I should. He’s tough to beat but you can and should do better.


Domino is awesome, Cable is very interesting, Negasonic and Yukio brought some representation, and Blind Al is always fun. There’s excellent fight scenes, higher stakes, and more interpersonal drama. Despite my complaints, it’s not a bad movie.


If the first Deadpool was 5 stars, this was a 3.5. Entertaining but it almost felt like it was trying too hard at times. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it but I loved the first one. It was hard to live up to and 2 had a misleading trailer. I’m hoping the Blu-Ray will bring deleted scenes that will add to the story.

Media Monday: Pods I’m Behind On

I enjoy these shows but there’s a finite amount of time in the day so I’m behind on these gems.

Pod Save the People

I’m just going to quote the website: “DeRay Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice, and politics through deep conversations with influencers and experts.”

Welcome to Night Vale

An audio-drama about a small town where very weird is very normal.

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Pod

Jim Harold interviews different folks about strange paranormal events and phenomenon.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Instead of pros, ordinary folks call in to tell Jim about their paranormal experiences

Media Monday: Podcasts I Love

I try very hard to stay on top of these pods.

Pod Save America

Former Obama staffers discussing current events impacting our country.

Pod Save the World

Former Obama staffers discussing current events impacting the world.

Keep It

Pod Save but about pop culture.

Lovett or Leave It

Pod Save America meets Wait, Wait

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me

NPR’s weekly comedy news show. It’s clean and mixes major news with sillier stories.

Can I Pet Your Dog?

When keeping track of the news of the world gets to be too depressing, switch to this pod. One review described the hosts as “too happy.” It’s for unapologetic dog lovers and has created an entire community of friends and dog lovers.

Reading Glasses

Two west coast readers discuss various book tech, reader problems, and interview a cool bookish person. A must listen for any bibliophile.

Here to Make Friends

Two feminist contributors at HuffPo lovingly snark on The Bachelor franchise. This pod is only active while the show, or one of its spin-offs, is airing so it’s easier to keep up.

Not Ready to Make Nice

This song has been running through my head for the last couple of days. It started when Natalie Maine’s said she was ashamed George W. Bush was a fellow Texan upon hearing he invaded Iraq. The fallout of this one statement created intense backlash, a compelling documentary, and this excellent song.

Not Ready to Make Nice

Forgive? Sounds good. Forget? I’m not sure I could. They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting.

So much of what is said applies to today’s political climate. This should have been an early indication of the shifting attitudes on the far right. The crimes or logic don’t matter; Party before country. It almost reminds of ‘faction before blood.’

This song also chimes on a personal level. I have been No Contact/very limited contact with my mother since last fall. She quickly figured out I wasn’t going to have the wedding she wanted me to have and unleashed an astonishing amount of nastiness and vitriol. I go into more detail on my Insta Mother’s Day post.

In addition to such a rapid and intense betrayal by my only remaining parent, I experienced a similar one by several ‘friends.’ My life was going in a downward spiral and it still amazes how so many people could know this was happening and not care. Their first world problems mattered more than being a friend and support system. I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with during that time but maybe having the support of people who claim to care about me might have changed that. I’ll never know because it was much more convenient to cast me out.

Some took the high road and said little but others went on a smear campaign Trump would have been proud of. Some made an effort to hide my struggles so I could keep being the villain in their story. I feel a mix of pity, disgust, and shame for those people who made an active effort to hurt me after casting me out. I still feel genuinely foolish for ever thinking those people were my friends.

I experienced the worst of so many people so close together, I’ve been keeping a comfortable distance from everyone who isn’t my husband. I hear people talk about their ‘chosen families’ but I don’t see myself ever being able to trust someone that much again.

Forgive? Not sure. Forget? No way. They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting.