Now You See Me…

Podcasts are one of the more recent types of media to take hold of our society. For a long time we were held captive by radio broadcasts but those fell out of favor once TV happened upon the picture. In such an image driven culture, I’m glad to see people gravitating more toward content instead of what they see.

I don’t know about everyone else but once I hear someone’s voice, I start to paint a picture of what they look like. Once I got hooked on the Reading Glasses podcast, I started to get a mental picture of the hosts. It’s almost funny how wrong I was.

I pictured Mallory as a woman in her mid 30s with short-ish brown hair and glasses. Pretty but ordinary looking until you get to know her. I was way off base. Instead, Mallory has a lot of interesting tattoos, purple and blue/silver hair, and a funky/alternative sensibility I love. I got the glasses and white part right.

I have no idea why but I pictured Brea as a petite woman of east Asian descent with pale skin. I pictured her style like that of several manic pixie dream girls with fun prints and lots of movement. Instead she’s a pretty white woman with dyed platinum hair and a hear shaped face. Very typically pretty with eyes that draw you in. I think got the petite thing right.

Both women are striking in a way I didn’t predict. It further goes to show that readers come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances.


Music Monday: Witches and Magic

What’s Halloween without a little black magic?

I Put a Spell on You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Witch-Hunt by Abney Park
Here There Be Witches by Creature Feature
Poor Unfortunate Souls by Jonathan Young
Witchfinder General by No Heart Country
Song of the Witches by S. J. Tucker
Double Trouble by John Williams
Witchcraft by Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys
Love Potion Number 9 by The Searchers

Music Monday: Terrible People and Things

Bad people, bad places, and bad activities are all fair play this time of year.

Jack the Ripper by Northern Cross
Ed Gein by Zombiesuckers
Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads
Murder by Within Temptation
When You’re Evil by Voltaire
Bates Motel by Sedated Tears
Cannibal by Kesha
Mz. Hyde by Halestorm
They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV
Such Horrible Things by Creature Feature

Music Monday: Carnival

And so begins the Halloween music Mondays. Today, we open with the much macabre carnival

Welcome to the Carnival by Midnight Syndicate
Carnival Noir by Cauda Pavonis
Carousel by Melanie Martinez
Dark Carnivale by Frenchy and the Punk
Something Wicked by Vernian Process
The Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature
Circus for Psychos by Skillet
Spellbound by Nox Arcana
Carnival of Lost Souls by Marc Jungermann
Creepy Clown Symphony by Myuu
Circus at the End of the World by Abney Park

Music Monday: Awesome Mix #2

This Awesome Mix is based more on what I’m listening to right now. I hope you find something new to love here.

Hymn by Kesha
Rocket Science by The PDX Broadsides
Women Know Math by The Doubleclicks
Ugly by Courtney Act
Brave by Josh Groban
Strange by LP
Champion by Fall Out Boy
Shiny by Jonathan Young
Low by Todrick Hall feat. Rupaul
Talking to Myself by Linkin Park
Black Wedding by In This Moment
Somebody’s Watching Me by Hidden Citizen

Music Monday: Awesome Mix #1

I thought about what songs I would want on my Awesome Mix if I could only listen to a limited number of songs for a long time. I thought about what I typically listen to most days and what music serves me well.

When I get angry, music is one of the few things that helps me calm down. I wanted to include a couple of songs to soothe my savage beast. I also wanted a couple of songs that are slower but had an undercurrent of menace to them. I think you need some songs that are slower and sadder for when you need to feel your feelings. You also need songs that pump you up.

Woman (Oh Mama) by Joy Williams
Cynics & Critics by Icon for Hire
Hard Times by Paramore
Only if for a Night by Florence + the Machine
Throne by Bring Me the Horizon
I Will Never Die by Delta Rae
Fin by Anberlin
Immortals by FOB
Shoot It Out by 10 Years
Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde
The Grey by Icon for Hire
Breathe Me by Sia

I got to make a mix tape for extra credit in a sociology class in college. My professor said I liked anthems. That definitely holds true with this. It’s probably not the fun awesome mix tape of the original but this would sustain me for a good long while.