Doggy Daycare Starter Pack

I’ve mentioned how I’ve been working at a doggy daycare. The place I work at is a bit understaffed. We have enough people to do our jobs but if someone needs to leave the play area, the front of house person has to cover for us.

In the pen we’ve got collars, slip leads, poop bags, paper towels, and hand sanitizer along with the mop buckets, water bowls, and trash cans. We don’t have toys or treats to prevent resource guarding or potential aggression.

These are the basics but I need a bit more to get through my day.

I have a little pouch of items I keep with me to minimize my need to leave the pen.

  • Tissues: For when my nose gets runny or cleaning the occasional bulldog face fold.
  • Eye drops: I have major dry eyes so I always keep some drops handy
  • Ear plugs: Our daycare is in a warehouse so when you get ~80 dogs playing and having feelings, it can get LOUD. These have made my job so much easier.
  • Lip balm: I bite my lips. This helps stop that.
  • Sleeve holders: We’re discouraged from ‘customizing’ our uniform tees so I use these to roll up my sleeves on warm days.
  • Energy gummies: If it’s been a rough day, I’ll have one of these toward the end of my day. Whether these actually work or it’s a placebo effect, I still like them for $3 a pack.
  • Gum: Another way to perk me up. Since a big chunk of taste is smell, I move the gum under my tongue for the gross necessities of my job.
  • Protein bar: We are allowed food but I’ll still only eat a small bit of this at a time if I need it. My little bag is plastic lined so it helps trap the smell.

I always have a water bottle and am trying to wean myself off cherry Pepsi. Some dogs look at me like “Share?” when I open my soda. I also have my phone so I can use the timer and take photos. When things are slow, I have some fun with their ears.



I feel like I must accomplish a ridiculous amount of things in order to be productive. I woke up with a massive sinus headache today so I went back to sleep hoping to get rid of the pain. It worked but it took until almost 1 PM. I then began a mad scramble to check off my to do list which included:

-Cleaned the toilet

-Packaged and mailed books I sold

-Dropped off packing peanuts at UPS

-Got the mail


-Made breakfast & lunch

-Dropped off books at a little free library

-Donated books to my library

-Returned a library book & picked up a hold

-Packaged and mail 2 Poshmark orders

-Photographed and listed 12 items on Poshmark

-De-furred my work clothes

-Did 2 loads of laundry

-Listened to 4 podcast episodes

Before bed I will probably:

-Repack my bag

-Take 1 Bookstagram photo

-Watch the Olympics

-Make dinner

-Put away all the Poshmark items I listed

Why do I still feel like I didn’t accomplish enough today? Why do I do this to myself? I got a ton of stuff done considering how my day started. This is a know problem among women where we don’t give ourselves enough credit. No more!

Despite feeling like crap, I took care of myself and conquered most of my to do list. It was a productive day. Go me!

Working at a Doggy Daycare

Things I Have Learned/Observed

Bulldogs, basset hounds, corgis and pit bulls are much denser than they look.

All poodle mixes are 15-30% fluff and are much lighter than anticipated.

Not all German shepherds are smart.

Dogs get reflux too and it usually results in spit-up.

Starting a howl is a real thing.

Some dogs literally bounce off walls.

Kennel cough is basically the canine version of a common cold and is not to be fucked with.

Dogs often like sitting on feet and will jostle for the privilege.

I was putting our boarders away for the night when I saw the small dog blanket pile move. I lifted the blanket and around four pounds of Chihuahua had burrowed completely underneath.

Size of the dog and interest in sitting in laps are in no way related.

Dog logic: “If I bark at them incessantly, they’ll play with me.” This works about as well for the dog as for the man who uses this as a dating strategy.

Breed is not a solid indicator of which dog will bark a lot. Except large hounds.

Common dog names: Riley, Kona, Dog (yes, really), Cooper, Lola, Sadie, Wally, Lucy, and Luna. We have 4 Lunas that I know of.

Dogs don’t have language centers in their brain so if you get the name close enough, they respond to it.


Things I Have Said that I Never Expected to Say

“Put your penis away!”

“No face licks for poop eaters.”

“I will turn this car around!”

“Blonde dog whose name I don’t know!”

“We do not hump our friend’s heads.”

“Well, if you played better with others, maybe you wouldn’t be in time out.”

“Stop barking at them. You are such a hall monitor.”

“Fluff Humps A Lot, I will put you in time out!”

“Get outta my armpit!”

“Stop licking my elbow pit!”

Starting with a Bang

2018 is not pulling its punches on big changes. This Friday is my last day at my office job. It’s time to put the dog-trainer plan into action. As of Sunday, I’m full time at the doggy daycare and I’ve got a Wag orientation on Tuesday (Uber for dog walkers). My other side hustles are Poshmark and Etsy (I make jewelry).

I need nice clothes of none of these. The daycare has a uniform t-shirt and I’ve found that athletic pants are optimal though I may do jeans on cold days. I have a couple of hoodies in the right shade of blue. I never expected to hit 30 and hoodies more than office wear.

This resulted in me doing another closet purge. I kept more than I should have but I wasn’t totally read to part with most of my dresses. I did part with several other pieces including several costume pieces. I realized my costumes were taking up a big part of my closet spaces and since I won’t be spending that much time at conventions, I should scale back a bit.

This is a stack of some of my costume pieces. I still had a drawer to go through.

I still need to go through my jewelry but part of my plan is to incorporate some pieces into what I’m hoping to sell on Etsy or use them as gifts. Jewelry just gets in the way when dealing dogs so I can and will cut back on that.

I kept more cute/nice clothes than I probably should have but I wasn’t ready to part with some of it. I’ve still got a big pile to list on Poshmark and will be going through my Poshmark page to see what is and isn’t selling. Whatever isn’t selling or I don’t want to list will go to thredUp. They want to expand their plus size collection and I’ve got more than enough to help with that.

2018 Goals

I’ve got some basic goals for 2018. Will I accomplish them? I really hope so. My list is basically ‘be a better person and adult.’ I don’t want to call them resolutions since those almost always get blown before my birthday.

Exercise more regularly – Family stress plus wedding stuff and lack of time has lead to me basically not exercising at all. This is double plus ungood because I’m 30. That is the age when your metabolism starts saying “Screw you” so I need to get in better physical shape.

Eat less junk – Hubs is an enabler on this as well so we need to join forces to eat less sugary junk. We should at least phase some of the ice cream with lower calorie frozen yogurt.

Start an IRA – I haven’t done it and I’ve got a little bit of money from the wedding so I want to use some of that for retirement. I’d add a small sum every week to ensure some sort of growth no matter what.

Minimize – I need to spend less money and have less stuff. I want to minimize the amount of excess in my life and whittle down to what I love, what I need, and what serves me well.

Work on becoming a dog trainer – I want to read more books, watch more YouTube videos, rewatch Victoria Stilwell’s TV series, and possibly start classes.

Self-Improvement – 2017 suck on a lot of levels. I had to end several friendships because they weren’t adding anything but negativity to my life. I spent most of the year enduring emotional abuse from the only family member who has been there for me (thanks mom). In 2018, I want to spend more time healing from these wounds, fixing the flaws these situations created in myself, and being a better person and wife.

Microfibers = Major Problem

Did you know that microfibers are a major problem? You do now. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, The Story of Stuff Project made a handy video explaining it.

I got a second job working at a doggy daycare. It’s pretty great but I wind up wearing a lot of athletic wear for it. I was definitely feeling the environmental guilt but I had do wash my clothes. Enter My Green Closet with her monthly ecofriendly favorites video.

She’s big on the environment, fashion, and sustainability. This month she showcased the GUPPFRIEND wash bag. It catches all the problematic microfibers so you can just toss them in the trash. Wear your synthetic fabrics without the guilt. I am so happy someone made this. It’s only $20 as part of an exclusive deal with Patagonia. If you would rather buy from the original source, it’s right here.


Another post I’m late on but better late than never. I have several things to be thankful for this year.

My husband

He is my favorite person. He is kind, funny, interesting, and silly. We can have adventures and be just as pleased staying  in on the couch. I’m excited for the rest of our lives together.

My new family

Hubs and I were together for 4.5 years before getting married so I’ve gotten to know his family. They are good and kind people. If I can say “I’ll warn you, there is consensual butt sex between a man and a genie” and Thanksgiving dinner can keep rolling, I’ve found my people.

My new job

I’m really excited to start the next part of my life working with dogs. My working interview went well and my first real shift is in a matter of hours. I’m still only part-time for now but I hope it will go well enough for me to transition into full time.

My local library

It’s phenomenal. There’s rarely a book or DVD they don’t have or won’t get. They have several excellent community events and are just a wonderful asset to our community.

Northam won

Virginia had an election for governor recently and the republican candidate was Gillespie. Gillespie’s ads were completely from the Trump school of campaigning. Hubs and I were watching American Horror Story and Gillespie’s ad about sanctuary cities and MS-13 gang violence was so similar to the show, we didn’t realize it was a separate thing until we heard Northam’s name. Northam had a great history of public service and all of his ads addressed his policies; Gillespie’s ads were nothing but fear mongering and misleading conjecture. I was very glad to see Trump’s tactics fail and hope that message resonated with other republican politicians.

There’s a lot in my life to be thankful for and I hope to keep working to have plenty of things to bring me joy in the future.