Reading the Rainbow: Purple

For purple I read Chain Mail Bikini edited by Hazel Newlevant. It’s an anthology about female gamers. I got it at a local SPX and got several of the contributors to sign it. The cover is also purple and red so I thought it cycled nicely back into the beginning of the rainbow.

The stories vary from silly recollections of playing video games growing up to the bigotry in LARPing groups and how that’s changed over time. Because the stories are so different, it kind of gave me whiplash to read too many at once. The representation was great from trans people to gender queer and the exclusion and inclusion they all faced. I recommend it. 4/5


Nerdy 30 Quarterly Review 2: Books

3 more months. Were they productive? I’m doing something a little different this go around and highlighting all my new additions to the list.

The Months

  • January: Weight Loss and/or Human Trafficking – Stranger Here
  • February: African American History Month – Negroland
  • March: Women’s History Month – Bad Girls throughout History
  • April: Autism Awareness Month On the Edge of Gone
  • May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month – Back to the Grind
  • June: LGBT+ Pride MonthSuck Less
  • July: National Wilderness Month (borrowed from Sept)
  • August: Mental Health Awareness (borrowed from May)
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: Disability Awareness Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Non-Christian Faith/Culture

Gone was a fantastic YA sci-fi book where the main character has autuism and a terrible mother. Oh, and the world is ending. It was fantastic. Go read it right now. 5/5 Grind is by a local Japanese-American artist. A very fun take on our ordinary lives. Suck Less was a trippy ride that sometimes offered sage advice, roads to bad decisions, and interesting images. 3/5

 4/4The Pairs

  • Big Name Press – The Nest
  • Indie PressCautionary Fables and Fairy Tales
  • OldNight Music
  • New – The Handsworth Times
  • Short – Springtime: A Ghost Story
  • LongThe Chemist
  • Near –  The Day of the Donald
  • Far –
  • Fiction –
  • Nonfiction – The Big Tiny

Springtime was a short work that left me baffled as to what the point of that was. 2/5 Music was fantastic. It showed all of  Connolly’s capabilities as a writer. 5/5 Tiny is a memoir of one of the early pioneers of the tiny movement. Interesting but it also left a lot of unanswered questions. 3/5 Chemist was terrible. Meyer’s writing has not improved. Skip it. 2/5


  • Award winner/nominee – The Underground Railroad
  • Recommendation – NPCs
  • Celebrity –
  • Translation –
  • Non-western mythology and/or fairy tale –
  • Genre I typically avoid – Barons of the Beltway
  • Library book – The Trees
  • Book from a TV show –

After I finished and posted my review, Railroad went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Do I get hipster points for reading it when it only had one major award? Young people and privileged white people need to read this. 5/5

Nerdy 30 Quarterly Review 2: Activities

Same bat time, same bat place. How active was I in Q2? I will be doing something a bit different this time and highlighting my new additions to the list.

  1. Participate in at least one read-a-thon – Emojiathon
  2. Listen to a new podcast about books – Modern Mrs. Darcy
  3. Give away a long time TBR resident – FBI memoir
  4. Read 6 books that have been sitting unread on my shelf for too long
  5. Donate to a bookish charity
  6. Visit a famous library
  7. Attend a book themed party – Library ball
  8. Read the rainbow – June for Pride
  9. Shop in an indie bookstore – Kramer’s after the Women’s March
  10. Be read to
  11. Create a book tag – Halestorm
  12. Only read from home for a 3 weeks – March 6-27
  13. Only read from the library for 3 weeks – April 2-23
  14. Only read from my Kindle & computer for 3 weeks
  15. Only reread books for 3 weeks
  16. Dress bookishly for a week – January 10 – 16
  17. Read a banned book
  18. Attend an event at the library
  19. Read a book by an author from a country I’ve never imagined visiting
  20. Sign up for a book box – Moth Box
  21. Post an elaborate bookstagram – Earth Day with adventure books
  22. Read a book for a holiday
  23. Read the book, see the movie, debate
  24. Color
  25. Attend a bookish event
  26. Do at least one book purge – Of 40+ books
  27. Smell a book – Winnie the Pooh
  28. Make a bookish playlist
  29. Use a TBR jar
  30. Chosen for me

I’m wrapping the quarter having done 11 activities on this list.

Reading the Rainbow: Blue

I had originally planned on reading a graphic novel about oceans but I ran out of month and enjoyed Sophie Gamand’s photo book Wet Dog. It was delightful. There was an abundance of shade being thrown, side eye going around, and a couple of fun hairdos for the puppers. There was even one canine celebrity. If you like dog art, I highly recommend this book. 5/5

Emojiathon Wrap-Up

How did I do for emojiathon? Very well indeed.

  • Marginalized Group – Suck Less
  • Romance/Contemporary – My Fairy God Mother Is a Drag Queen
  • Thriller/Horror – Archie vs. Predator
  • Freebie! – Chain Mail Bikini
  • Under 24 hours – Wet Dogs
  • No Hype – Prison Island
  • Had for too long, unhaul if you don’t like it – Leaving Megalopolis (not unhauling BTW)
  • Features Music – Black Mad Wheel

I’m keeping this entry short since you’ll get at least a mini-review of everything in my wrap-up.

Totally Didn’t Book Tag

Courtesy of ReadLikeWildFire The tag is interesting but the vlogger seems kind of drunk.

1. Totally didn’t need to have a sequel/sequels.
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I get wanting to do more with those characters but it just didn’t feel necessary. I only know the premise of the next one and I’m disappoint.

2. Totally didn’t need to have more than one point of view.
Allegiant by Veronica Roth. There was no difference in the voices between Tris and Four. I get why two points of view was necessary but don’t do it if you can’t write it.

3. Totally didn’t need to change cover art through the middle of a series.
Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde. I wanted a matched set dammit.

4. Totally didn’t need a love triangle.
Why pick one? 90% of love triangles are unnecessary since they never happen in real life. It’s a cheap plot device.

5. Totally didn’t need this book to be included in this series.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I appreciate what they were trying to do but Ron was grossly underdeveloped and it messed with time more than a damn season of Doctor Who.

6. Totally didn’t need a cliffhanger.
Catching Fire. It ends with ‘BTW, your district is gone.’ I can’t imagine getting that right when it came out and waiting for the rest of the information.

7. Totally didn’t need to have just one point of view.
I’m going to repeat myself and say the Thursday Next series. I’d love to see what other characters have to add to the series. I do agree with the original vlogger that Mockingjay would definitely have been a richer book with more behind the scenes information.

8. Totally didn’t need that much hype.
The Twilight series. It normalizes abuse and wraps everything up perfectly in a tidy bow. No one dies, nothing bad happens, and they all lived blissfully ever after.

9. Totally didn’t need a relative book reference. (Eg, For example: Hunger Games fan would love Divergent.)
Most YA dystopian don’t need a ‘if you liked this series.’ If you like YA dystopian, try the ones that sound interesting. They’re kind of over-saturating the market TBH.

10. Totally didn’t deserve my time.
The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. This bitch needs to learn to google. She got so much wrong about D.C. as well as other really obvious things. If the makeup can hide a bruise, you can’t wash it off with crappy soap and hybrid SUVs aren’t common.

Read the Rainbow: Yellow & Nerdy 30 Book 18

For yellow I read Suck Less by Willam Belli. I was familiar with some of his songs like Chow Down and saw it at the library. The best way I can describe this book is weird

Some of his advice was great like eating fewer carbs, recommended exercises, and how revenge is a fool’s errand. He talked about being honest in relationships whether you’re in an open relationship or not. Some advice answered questions like where his balls go when he’s in drag.

Some advice is just straight up bad. I couldn’t tell if some of this was tongue in cheek or serious like how to cheat more effectively and how to give yourself an eating disorder to lose weight were.

There was absolutely some major male nudity. I expected as much but if you’re not prepared to see some wang, this is not for you. I’d give it 3 stars because the line between serious and personal and cheeky queen was perforated.