Music Monday: Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to overplay Christmas music! Before everyone gets sick of the staples, these are my favorite classics.

Carol of the Bells by Deana Carter
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
Happy Xmas (The War Is Over) by Sarah McLachlan
Please Come Home for Christmas by The Eagles
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Meredith Brooks
The 12 Days of Christmas (Live) by Straight No Chaser
Do You Hear What I Hear by Idina Menzel
Good King Wenceslas by Loreena McKennitt
Christmas Eve in Washington by Maura Sullivan
Merry Xmas Everybody by Steps
Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC

Music Monday: Thanksgiving Travel

‘Tis the season to hit the road. A lot of you will be going back to the places you were from and eating yourself stupid with relatives you may or may not like. I can’t do jack about the struggles of dealing with family but I can provide some tunes that might make the trip suck a little bit less. Have a happy turkey day folks.

Long Line of Cars by Cake
Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Ticket to Ride by The Beatles
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
No Cars Go by Arcade Fire
Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham
Drunk on a Plane by Dierks Bently
Black Sheep by Metric
Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone
Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
Another Travelin’ Song by Bright Eyes
Every Day Is a Winding Road by Cheryl Crow
Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

Not Worth the Wait

One thing that has always bugged me about ADELE was that she never did anything to stay relevant while taking time to raise her son. Her social media presence was nonexistent, she didn’t do any covers or charity concerts, no major appearances. While I think it’s great she was able to lie low, I feel disrespected as a fan. We’re great when she wants to make money for her art but otherwise, whatever.

I do like that she didn’t do the insane amount of media hype for her new music. We found out she had a new song when the video debuted and we could download it. It wasn’t like Katy Perry doing very dramatic stunts to hype her singles and albums. There it was. Because Adele is incredibly talented, we all accepted it.

Adele said the reason she waited so long to do anything was because she was afraid of making a lackluster product. Unfortunately, I think she still did that. There was one song on her album that instantly grabbed me like ‘Turning Tables’ and ‘One and Only.’ ‘River Lea’ was not good enough to make up for a prolonged absence and an underwhelming record.

Am I saying it’s not good? No. It’s good and will probably grow on me with more plays but on the first couple of listens, 25 can’t hold a candle to 21. You can’t follow up phenomenal with something that’s just good. I know Adele can do better and I’m disappointed I waited so long to be disappointed.

Music Monday: Boy Band Flashback

Today is a Flashback round of Music Monday with boy bands from the late 90s and early 00s. It may not be everybody’s thing, but they’re fun. I promise I’ll keep the mixes interesting for anyone who’s not into pop.

Backstreet’s Back – BSB
Tearin’ Up My Heart – *NSYNC
Swear It All Over Again – Westlife
Back Here – BBMak
I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men
All or Nothing – O-Town
Because of You – 98 Degrees
Summer Girls – LFO
Body Bumpin’ – Mytown
Bump, Bump, Bump – B2K
You Got It (The Right Stuff) – NKOTB
When the Lights Go Out – Five
Large than Life – BSB


After my recent disagreement with my friend over his poor taste in revenge humor, I’ve decided there are phrases we need to stop using. They never work as intended and my instinctive response is to all of them is “Fuck off.” Here’s why these phrases never work.

Lighten up

What it’s supposed to mean: It’s a joke. Find the funny.

What it really means: My (somewhat offensive) joke fell flat. Rather than accept this, I’m going to get defensive about my ability to be funny and completely dismiss you.

How it’s usually taken: The recipient gets more offended and thinks you’re allergic to listening. Finds the joke even less funny than before.

Calm Down

What it’s supposed to mean: You need to mellow out to improve the situation.

What it really means: I don’t like that you’re being this reactive/emotional. I don’t want to deal with this. Please stop.

How it’s usually taken: THAT WAS CALM! (emotions escalate by a factor of 9,000)

Cheer up

What it’s supposed to mean: Don’t be so unhappy. I want to see you be happy.

What it really means: I don’t like you when you’re depressed/sad. I don’t want to be around you when you’re like this so please stop being like this.

How it’s usually taken: You’re uninterested in the reason I’m unhappy. Rather than care and listen, you want me to pretend I don’t have problems so you don’t have to feel guilty for not caring.

No offense

What it’s supposed to mean: I’m going to say something you may not want to hear.

What it really means: I’m going to say something offensive and probably unnecessary. Because I used a disclaimer, you can’t be mad at me.

How it’s usually taken: Braces for offensive statement. Debates the value of calling you on your shit or just smiling, nodding, and thinking you’re an idiot.


What it’s supposed to mean: Be happy!

What it really means: I’d rather look at someone smiling. If you’re not happy, you’re of no value to me.

How it’s usually taken: I’m not here for your viewing pleasure OR Let me turn my emotions on and off since they make you uncomfortable.

Music Monday: Geek Chic

I am a big nerd. I have a first doctor, favorite Star Trek captain, and a crazy amount of books. This Monday, I am bringing you some nerd music.

Nothing to Prove by The Doubleclicks
Best Game Ever by Mikey Mason
Talk Nerdy to Me by K-Face
All the Single Maties by The Village Idiots
Princess Rap Battle by Whitney Avalon feat. Sarah Michelle Gellar
Blink by Chameleon Circuit
Poor Unfortunate Subjects by Weekenders
Now I’m the One That’s Cool by The Guild
Run This Game by Insane Ian
Five Nights at Freddy’s by The Living Tombstone
Training Hard by NateWantsToBattle
Doctor Who Am I? by Professor ShyGuy
Cosplay Is a Good Time by Screen Team
I Ship It by Not Literally

My Body, My Rights, Your Problem


Above is a very popular image describing the fundamental concept of bodily autonomy. Many people who believe life starts when a sperm fertilizes an egg deem these laws irrelevant when it comes to pregnant women.

What would happen if men were held to the same lack of bodily autonomy as women seeking abortions?

-Protests for the sterilization or castration of serial rapists and murderers would not only be tolerated, they be encouraged.

-Men who routinely failed to make child support payments and be present in their child’s lives would be shamed for not having vasectomies. “If you can’t support it, don’t have it,” protestors would routinely yell outside family court and local clinics.

-Men who weren’t ready to be parents would be told they shouldn’t be sluts and stop having sex if they don’t like the consequences. Affordable birth control and information about reproductive health would be a constantly waging war.

-Men who had sex before marriage would be likened to a used tissue or used shoe. You don’t want something everyone else has had, do you? They’d be told they’re worthless and disposable.

-A conservative business would be approved to deny healthcare coverage of family planning medications (including condoms) and viagra.

-Any man who has been to jail beyond a certain number of times would be considered worthy of sterilization and shamed by society for having children. They aren’t fit to raise a child.

-Men who wished to receive a vasectomy must undergo an uncomfortable, unnecessary, and invasive medical procedure and then be made to wait an additional 24 hours before the procedure ‘in case he changed his mind.’ They would have to fight their way through a mass of people calling them murderers and damning them to hell. They be shamed and condemned for wasting their seed, a gift from God.

Most of this sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet these are things women and girls deal with every day. It only sounds ridiculous when we try to liken it to men’s experiences.

Abortion is a LEGAL medical procedure. Denying women access to it is shameful. Attacking abortion providers is domestic terrorism. Trying to pass personhood amendments and giving fetuses rights to an attorney is disgusting and shameful. Women deserve more rights to their body than an unidentified corpse!

What happened if abortion wasn’t legal? Rich women would pay their doctors to look the other way or they’d leave the country. Poor women would go back to being sterilized or dying in back alleys. Getting rid of abortion will create more problems that it could ever hope to solve.

What will get rid of abortion? Comprehensive sex education. Access to family planning services and contraception. You know the phrase, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It can apply here too. If people who hate abortion so much stopped wasting their time fighting it and invested that time in preventing it from happening, society would be a much better place.