Media Monday: Sounds Like

Alice Merton has a song that got a good bit of radio play last winter. I enjoy No Roots because there aren’t enough alternative songs with a catchy beat.

Her sound reminded me of Laura Welsh, whose song Break the Fall got some TV play.

Laura Welsh has a voice and overall sound that reminds me a bit of Florence + the Machine. You can hear it in songs like What Kind of Man.


Not Ready to Make Nice

This song has been running through my head for the last couple of days. It started when Natalie Maine’s said she was ashamed George W. Bush was a fellow Texan upon hearing he invaded Iraq. The fallout of this one statement created intense backlash, a compelling documentary, and this excellent song.

Not Ready to Make Nice

Forgive? Sounds good. Forget? I’m not sure I could. They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting.

So much of what is said applies to today’s political climate. This should have been an early indication of the shifting attitudes on the far right. The crimes or logic don’t matter; Party before country. It almost reminds of ‘faction before blood.’

This song also chimes on a personal level. I have been No Contact/very limited contact with my mother since last fall. She quickly figured out I wasn’t going to have the wedding she wanted me to have and unleashed an astonishing amount of nastiness and vitriol. I go into more detail on my Insta Mother’s Day post.

In addition to such a rapid and intense betrayal by my only remaining parent, I experienced a similar one by several ‘friends.’ My life was going in a downward spiral and it still amazes how so many people could know this was happening and not care. Their first world problems mattered more than being a friend and support system. I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with during that time but maybe having the support of people who claim to care about me might have changed that. I’ll never know because it was much more convenient to cast me out.

Some took the high road and said little but others went on a smear campaign Trump would have been proud of. Some made an effort to hide my struggles so I could keep being the villain in their story. I feel a mix of pity, disgust, and shame for those people who made an active effort to hurt me after casting me out. I still feel genuinely foolish for ever thinking those people were my friends.

I experienced the worst of so many people so close together, I’ve been keeping a comfortable distance from everyone who isn’t my husband. I hear people talk about their ‘chosen families’ but I don’t see myself ever being able to trust someone that much again.

Forgive? Not sure. Forget? No way. They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting.

Music Monday: Bad Friends

Need a song for a romantic breakup? They’re available by the truckload. Friend breakups? They’re a little harder to come by. Taylor Swift did give that niche a bit more awareness with Bad Blood so let’s hope some other artists follow suit soon. I did a major clear out of toxic and unrewarding friendships last year. These songs helped keep me sane.

Spot Me.

The Last of Me by Bree Sharp
Game Shows Touch Our Lives by The Mountain Goats
Friend of Mine by Lily Allen
What Friends? by Bettie Serveert
Fake Friends by Sigrid
Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
We Used to Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols
Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift
Ignorance by Paramore
Throne by Bring Me the Horizon
True Friends by Bring Me the Horizon
To the Wolves by Anberlin
Somebody that I Used to Know by Jonathan Young

Last year, I ended several friendships that were unhealthy and/or didn’t serve me well. To some of them, I wish the best, and the rest I invite some of them to dance barefoot on Legos.

Christmas Music Monday and a Change

Life has been a bit crazy lately and I’ve realized Music Mondays aren’t that big of a hit for anyone but me. Rather than make myself crazy with what is essentially self-assigned homework, I’m giving you my Spotify playlist of funny, wacky, and different Christmas songs. It’s more than enough to last you the month.

In the future, I’m going to shift to Media Mondays which will have different forms of media including music but also podcasts and web videos. Media Monday won’t happen weekly but more sporadically when I have something to share. I’ll probably still do theme months like during February and October. For all 12 of you who care about this, thanks for tuning in.


Music Monday: Grrrl Power

The world sucks. It sucks even more if you’re a woman. Here’s some music to make you feel like less of a girl and more of a grrrl. Below are the YouTube links and the Spotify playlist.

Spot Me.

Woman by Kesha
Woman Up by Megan Trainor
Independent by Destiny’s Child
Head Bitch in Charge by Kim Boekbinder
Bad Girl’s World by Halestorm
Woman (Oh Mama) by Joy Williams
Not Ready to Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks
Noncompliant by PDX Broadsides
Women Know Math by The Doubleclicks
I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
Rise Up by Andra Day

Music Monday: Funny, Silly Songs

We wedding was about 5 minutes ago and I’m tired, Here’s some ridiculous songs.

Muffintop by Tacocat
Big Fat Bass by Britney Spears &
The Bus Is Late by Satellite High
Satan Gave Me a Taco by Beck
Godzilla by Kesha
How Fucking Romantic by Magnetic Fields
Pumpkin Spicemas by Mikey Mason
Tiny Little Octopus by The PDX Broadsides
Hipster Girl by MC Lars
Hipster Mom by MC Lars