Starting with a Bang

2018 is not pulling its punches on big changes. This Friday is my last day at my office job. It’s time to put the dog-trainer plan into action. As of Sunday, I’m full time at the doggy daycare and I’ve got a Wag orientation on Tuesday (Uber for dog walkers). My other side hustles are Poshmark and Etsy (I make jewelry).

I need nice clothes of none of these. The daycare has a uniform t-shirt and I’ve found that athletic pants are optimal though I may do jeans on cold days. I have a couple of hoodies in the right shade of blue. I never expected to hit 30 and hoodies more than office wear.

This resulted in me doing another closet purge. I kept more than I should have but I wasn’t totally read to part with most of my dresses. I did part with several other pieces including several costume pieces. I realized my costumes were taking up a big part of my closet spaces and since I won’t be spending that much time at conventions, I should scale back a bit.

This is a stack of some of my costume pieces. I still had a drawer to go through.

I still need to go through my jewelry but part of my plan is to incorporate some pieces into what I’m hoping to sell on Etsy or use them as gifts. Jewelry just gets in the way when dealing dogs so I can and will cut back on that.

I kept more cute/nice clothes than I probably should have but I wasn’t ready to part with some of it. I’ve still got a big pile to list on Poshmark and will be going through my Poshmark page to see what is and isn’t selling. Whatever isn’t selling or I don’t want to list will go to thredUp. They want to expand their plus size collection and I’ve got more than enough to help with that.


Summer Book Clean Out

I did a big clean out of board games recently. This freed up enough space on that book case for FHubs to move several of his books over to a dedicated shelf on them rather than have them mixed in with mine.

This freed up enough space on one of my shelves that it was very open and clean. I really liked how it looked when my books weren’t stacked and stuffed to the gills. I was originally considering doing July for my rereads but my wedding date is coming up fast. I think my rereads will be better served to relax me during when I have to make lots of little decisions.

July will instead be dedicated to reading what’s on my shelves and getting some stuff off them. After my complete gut of my shelves, I have one that is solely dedicated to books I want to read and decide if they stay or go. I’ll post my TBR in a week or so as usual.

Closet Declutter

Despite trying the KonMari method, I seem to work best when I mull over what I really need in my life. Since there’s a major change on the horizon, I won’t need as many office clothes as before.

Skirts – I don’t have many skirts by American standards. An asymmetric black mini skirt (with pockets), a reversible purple and orange silk skirt, a hi-lo skirt with classic movie monsters, and I’m waiting on a gorgeous rainbow cloud skirt from Elhoffer Designs. I’m waiting on a red skirt from Gaia Conceptions for my Velma costume.

I had two knee length full skirts from ModCloth, a navy one with pastel sharks and a blue one with a bright octopus. I love the shark skirt because sharks are one of my favorite animals. The octopus skirt has a big waist that my chubby belly likes to squish down. I realized that I will never wear them to go out and be social and if I’m leaving my office life behind, there is no reason to keep them. I listed them on Poshmark and they sold in about 2 hours.

img_0401              img_0400

Camis – I have a lot of tanks from Jordan Dene and sleeveless rayon tops. One of the main reasons I wore camis was because they worked so well with all of my skirts. All of them also show a sliver of bra in the back so I’m getting rid of all of my camis except my black one.

Leggings – I don’t need to look office appropriate as much so I’m gravitation more toward my bold leggings. This means that I can phase out at least one pair of my plain colored leggings.

Cardigans – I know I’m not going to wear a lot of my cardigans to hang out or go out so I can narrow this down by quite a bit. Some of the snaps on by Eddie Bauer 7 Ways cardigan don’t hold well and I’m accepting I’m probably more Slytherin than Gryffindor. I also got a cute black and white cardigan from ModCloth hoping it would be a great basic and I just don’t love it.

I like my 4th Doctor cardigan but I don’t wear it very much so I’m on the fence about it. I have a purple bolero sweater with half sleeves I’m also on the fence about. I’d use it with anything with thin straps for the office but I also have it in cream. I’m not sure if I still have a use for it but I’m not sure if I should get rid of it yet.

Tops – I have a plain tank top from ModCloth and I reach for one of my graphic tanks every time so it doesn’t make sense to keep it.

Unfortunately, selling these clothes is more of an exercise in minimizing and contrbuting to my side hustle since I had to replace a part on my car that the mechanic called “the most expensive part to replace.” I got this news just after I found out a doggy daycare near me might be hiring. Looks like I’ll have to put off my career change for a little while longer.


Closet Cleanout

I finally did it. I begged off work for my birthday and finally laid all my clothes out on the bed. This includes costumes and stuff that is still in the apartment but is a bit small. The only thing not featured here is my underthings, bathing suits, coats, socks, and PJs. I reviewed the PJ/lounge wear draw before the unloading because I’m pretty on top of what’s in stock. Coats I just forgot about so that’s a mulligan for another day but there’s definitely things in there I can part with.

Here is my now empty closet housing only my authographed Caps jersey and empty garment bags. The stuff on the left are my scarves.

And the giant pile on my bed. It’s not nearly as big as I thought it would be. This is likely some combination of small scale minimizing at various intervals and having a big bed.

Despite thinking I wouldn’t have much to part with, I was wrong. After the latest degradation, I’m pretty much done with office work this year. I’ll be living a more casual life unless someone throws a FTE + benefits job at me. I took out a lot of my more structured tops and nicer skirts.

I packed away several items that don’t fit in my current size are going through those as well. I have no desire to drop a bunch of weight and have to buy a new wardrobe. I may not keep everything but with vacuum bags, storing it is pretty painless.

Yes, my closet looks very full. However, this is literally all of my clothes that aren’t in my dresser or coats. The daily highs can vary by as much as 40 degrees in just a couple of days so I’ve got all seasons in here. As spring rolls in, I’ll store some of my winter items.

Behind the autographed jersey garment bags are my fancy dresses or more elaborate costume pieces. Some of my simpler costume pieces are included so they’ll get to come out more and bring some fun to my wardrobe.

I try to limit myself to only two items per hanger. I have more than one item that fills a similar role but I didn’t want to part with all of them. In this case it’s sweatshirt-like cardigans. I just won’t replace the ones that wear out.

There were a couple of holes left by the purge so I ordered a couple of replacements and have pinned other possibilities as the need arises. One thing I did that I’m very happy about is that everything I don’t plan on selling went into a GoodWill bag and was donated that day. It’s on to the next phase of its life to bring someone else joy.

In the near future I hope to do this with my bags, scarves, and jewelry as well.

Cut It Out

I need to take this woman’s advice and cut my wardrobe in half.

It’s less of not being able to decide where things should go but not being able to store everything I have. I have ample room in my t-shirt and tank top drawer for more shirts than I can wear in a week but it’s getting really full again.

Categories are easy:

There’s quite a bit of overlap between work and weekend sometimes but there are some weekend exclusive items like my shark leggings or Icon for Hire tee. I only own a few ‘nice’ dresses and those are stored in garment bags. Some of my comfy clothes are just decent enough to wear to grab the laundry or make a quick library run.

Empty and minimize is the hard part. Mostly because I don’t have a metric butt-ton of spare time. I know it would be sorted into sell, donate, and store in case I lose weight again. And by store, I mean a vacuum bag in our linen closet, not where I’d be reminded of this constantly.

I’ve thought about a color palette more than the average Jane. I subsist on black, gray, a bit of navy and select jewel and earth tones. By select I mean almost no brown that isn’t costume based, a few olive green tops, no yellow, gold, or orange save one skirt, a bit of dark red or berry items and a bunch of blues and purples. I own a couple of bright red garments but that’s because of Deadpool and the Washington Capitals.

For some reason, I like blush/ballerina pink. I don’t currently own anything in that color but I wouldn’t be opposed to adding in one or two pieces. Other than that, my collection doesn’t need building. I have plenty of accessories. I just need to make the time to dump everything out and dig through it.

Marching Orders 27-38

I love having access to podcasts and YouTube videos reminding me of the less is more lifestyle. Since I have that hanging out in my ear, I am going big at the end of the month.

  Three sets of arm warmers I never wear, a cami I’ve stopped wearing, a scarf I didn’t use at all this past winter, a purse I haven’t used in over a year, two tees I don’t wear and a tee I’ll be adding to a pile I want to have made into a quilt.

Three pairs of socks I never wear. It is always too hot in July for socks, the mustaches are getting worn out, and the pattern on the third pair hurts my feet since it’s on 100% of the sock. Sayonara!

Marching Orders 17-26

After watching several KonMari and minimalist closet videos on YouTube today, I went back to my closet eager to part with some more things.

  A lovely LBD that I haven’t worn since I’ve been with Boyfriend. When I see it I think of the person I was back then, not who I am now. It’s listed for sale online.
  A cotton dress that was handy for many summers but no longer makes me feel good to wear it. It’s listed for sale online.

  Another LBD gifted to me by a friend. At the time, it was 5-10 pounds away from fitting. I’ve since gained weight so it’s listed for sale online.
  Made for me by my mother. Nice, worn a few times, wouldn’t miss it. It’s listed for sale online.

 I got this awhile ago and have since realized I have other hoodies that are more comfortable, fit better, and I feel better in. The only reason I kept this was because I like the thing Boyfriend does when I wear things with ears.
  Purchased the last time I was at Disneyland. It was a little snug but worked. I’ve since gained weight and have other sweaters that look better on and work well at either end of my weight spectrum. I need to find the belt for it and then list it for sale online.

  A fun upcycled sweater I rarely wear. Again, for sale online.
 3 pairs of shoes only 1 of which I can remember wearing since I met Boyfriend and that was back in 2014. Donation bag.

I took a few things out of my closet but not to get rid of. I like how I look in them but it’s off season and they’re a little formal. I want to pack up all my dressy work clothes since they don’t really get worn anymore. Dressing for the job I want around here (if I make FTE) is pretty on par with what I wear everyday.

I also tossed 3 pairs of old underpants that don’t fit well. I was not posting those. I took a shirt of Boyfriend’s I’d been using as a PJ top because I have 2 others I like better and are more comfortable. I told him if he didn’t want it back, I’d be happy to sell it. I think he’s going to get sentimental and keep it but that’s his draw space. Next, the winter accessories!