Indie Makeup

It wasn’t until recently I considered myself a makeup geek. It started to dawn on me when I ran out of room for lipstick and decided I couldn’t buy anymore until I’d used up what I have. Then I realized I know at least one major technique. I can cash in a 500 point reward at Sephora.

I can name more than 3 indie brands. In fact, when a friend asked, I named several. How many?



LA Splash


Makeup Geek


Sugar Pill

I had snark for a BuzzFeed article that left off a few of my favorites. I can only testify to the first two. Shiro’s shadow is amazing but the lip stuff doesn’t have the staying power I’d hoped for. Colourpop’s liquid lips live up to the name but so drying. The shadows are good but holy glitter Batman.

LA Splash gained some fame in 2015 with Harry Potter and Disney Princess lipstick lines. I haven’t purchased any yet based on my above reason but they look fun. Fyrinnae has some gorgeous stuff. I can’t wait to try their shadow and color changing lips. I’ve heard good things about the final 3 but haven’t seen anything I got pumped for. I’ve heard good things about all of them.

So there you have it. I’m a bit of a makeup geek and here’s a few indie brands you can try.