Richer Reading Life Activity 7

I read aloud to someone I love. I convinced my library to get a copy of Ghostly Encounters by Jeff Scott Cole. Cole is a teacher/history buff by day, paranormal investigator by night. He talks about how he got involved, tools of the trade, and various experiences/encounters he’s had. He included several QR codes that link to (mostly) audio and video evidence.

Boyfriend and I were on a Ghost Adventures binge last fall and he’s listened to several episodes of Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast. When one of the EVPs was incredibly clear, I had Boyfriend listen to it. He was impressed and I read to him several times from the book so he could have context for the EVPs or would know the creepy tales of the various places.

I give Ghostly Encounters 3.5/5. It was interesting writing and the interactive QR codes were excellent. However, I often had to stockpile them since I read on the train and had no signal. They weren’t easily found on the website either. My other big complaint was the lack of book. The memoir/narrative stopped after less than 200 pages. Around 60 pages were devoted to listing some haunted places in all 50 states and different paranormal groups in each state.

Those lists could have been on the website. The haunted places were cool but very abridged and I don’t need to know about paranormal groups in Utah or Minnesota. I’d rather have more book and more tales. It was good, not great. It was fun being able to share it with Boyfriend though.


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