Silly Band Names

Everyone talks about what they’d name their band. After attending Firefly, I have learned that bands can have some incredibly asinine names. Here are some silly band names I came up with while bored. Feel free to use any of them.

  • Organic Oxygen
  • A Frayed Knot
  • Omega-3
  • Alien Apocalypse
  • Squad Goals
  • Babylon Public Rail System
  • The Hashtags
  • Ewok Uprising
  • Catching Shade
  • Silent Thunder (from John Oliver’s rant about Jill Stein)
  • The Bug Jacket
  • Atlantis Underground
  • Expatriots
  • Zero Degrees Kelvin
  • Invisible Shambles (an indie name generator)
  • Deflated Elation (from a generator)
  • Something Wicked (I actually really like this but it’s probably taken)

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