I recently discovered this article about living on next to nothing. I’ve got to stop spending and start saving this year so it made me think about what I currently do to save money and what I can do.

We live in an apartment in one of the most expensive areas of the country. We get a lot of students since our building has some of the cheaper studios and folks can throw out some nice things. We got our above-the-toilet shelf for free next to the dumpster.

Boyfriend and I were doing some furniture shopping for my dresser. After figuring out the best one for us, we had the good fortune to find it on clearance at the furniture store for 50% off.

I sell a lot of clothes and accessories I no longer use on Poshmark. They recently had a Christmas sale with discounted shipping. I made $90 in December. I’ve bought stuff on here as well.

My impulse control is crap so I try to actively avoid going into Sephora, B&N, certain sections of Target, and a few other places to avoid temptation. I’ve got a web blocker at home and work to avoid the websites.

I freeze bread, fruit, meat, and other leftovers so they don’t spoil.

I pick up spare change off the ground. It all goes into a bank and gets cashed when the bank is full.

I bring reusable bags to the store. Most places will give you some sort of $.05 bag credit.

I either bring my lunch or go to the grocery store 2 blocks away and buy the necessary ingredients. I’ve been out to lunch less than 5 times since August.

I always bring home leftovers from office parties. They bring out the containers and I load up.

I’m trying to own fewer things so some of my old jewelry has been used as or as part of gifts for others. I take great care of my things, buy quality, and consider the recipient so this one isn’t as cheapsake-tastic as it sounds.

I pluck my eye brows in between my hair appointments so I don’t have to pay to get them waxed into the shape I like. I try to stretch out the time between hair appointments.

Groupons are great for some of the more expensive date activities. Wanna go to a paid musuem? Wait for a deal.

I don’t pay ATM fees. I go to places like CVS or grocery stores, buy a pack of gum, and get cash back.

I use Viggle. You get points for watching TV and listening to songs. They used to do gift cards but now I use it instead of buying music.

I buy generic most of the time. If the active ingredients are the same, why pay more?

I use ebates and ibotta. I tried Bookscouter but nothing was worth it. Does anyone know any other good apps to save money?

What are some of your best money saving tips?


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