It’s Getting Hot in Here

Today, it is 95 degrees Fahrenheit and feels like 97. Tomorrow the high is 96 and will feel like 100. The humidity is only at around 40% but there’s still an air quality advisory. Tomorrow should be more humid until the inevitable thunderstorm. My friend and I were whinging about the weather.

Pal: And the mofos that are our congressmen get to go home for the summer. Luck bastards.

Me: TBF, some of them are going back to places that are even hotter than here. And no, I don’t mean hell.

Pal: Darn.

Music Monday: Pride Party!

Now that we’re done having some feelings, it’s time to have some fun music to celebrate pride!

I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Rebel Grrrl by Bikini Kill
YMCA by The Village People
We R Who We R by Kesha
Song for the Lonely by Cher
Closer by Tegan and Sara
It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
Losing My Mind by Liza Minelli
Take Me or Leave Me from Rent

If you want to slow things down and have some feels:
True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
Midnight Radio from Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland

Reading the Rainbow: Green

I’ve had Leaving Megalopolis by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore on my TBR for literal years. I snagged cheap at Baltimore Comic Con a couple of years ago. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read it. 

I love the idea of the heroes we put our faith and security in turning on us. How do we react? How do we handle that? 

There are a lot of stories about humans hunting each other. This takes it to another level. What would happen if someone had a psychotic break or serial killer behavior with meta-human powers?

The heroes don’t want to be bad but are you a hero when your powers force responsibility on you? What if you think people are beyond saving? This makes you think about tough questions about what it means to be heroic.

What really got me were the dogs. Seeing the poor dead puppet on the street and watching poor Mina’s heart break when she sees the dog she didn’t want to care about hurt her. I just wanted to find one of my dog friends and hug them. 

I loved how the raccoon became this beautiful metaphor. As an animal person, this all resonated with me. Lots of feelings were had.
One bonus of waiting so long to read it? Surviving Megalopolis is already on shelves! (No, I’m not buying it yet but that’s happening before the year is out.) Go read this now. 5/5

Closet Declutter

Despite trying the KonMari method, I seem to work best when I mull over what I really need in my life. Since there’s a major change on the horizon, I won’t need as many office clothes as before.

Skirts – I don’t have many skirts by American standards. An asymmetric black mini skirt (with pockets), a reversible purple and orange silk skirt, a hi-lo skirt with classic movie monsters, and I’m waiting on a gorgeous rainbow cloud skirt from Elhoffer Designs. I’m waiting on a red skirt from Gaia Conceptions for my Velma costume.

I had two knee length full skirts from ModCloth, a navy one with pastel sharks and a blue one with a bright octopus. I love the shark skirt because sharks are one of my favorite animals. The octopus skirt has a big waist that my chubby belly likes to squish down. I realized that I will never wear them to go out and be social and if I’m leaving my office life behind, there is no reason to keep them. I listed them on Poshmark and they sold in about 2 hours.

img_0401              img_0400

Camis – I have a lot of tanks from Jordan Dene and sleeveless rayon tops. One of the main reasons I wore camis was because they worked so well with all of my skirts. All of them also show a sliver of bra in the back so I’m getting rid of all of my camis except my black one.

Leggings – I don’t need to look office appropriate as much so I’m gravitation more toward my bold leggings. This means that I can phase out at least one pair of my plain colored leggings.

Cardigans – I know I’m not going to wear a lot of my cardigans to hang out or go out so I can narrow this down by quite a bit. Some of the snaps on by Eddie Bauer 7 Ways cardigan don’t hold well and I’m accepting I’m probably more Slytherin than Gryffindor. I also got a cute black and white cardigan from ModCloth hoping it would be a great basic and I just don’t love it.

I like my 4th Doctor cardigan but I don’t wear it very much so I’m on the fence about it. I have a purple bolero sweater with half sleeves I’m also on the fence about. I’d use it with anything with thin straps for the office but I also have it in cream. I’m not sure if I still have a use for it but I’m not sure if I should get rid of it yet.

Tops – I have a plain tank top from ModCloth and I reach for one of my graphic tanks every time so it doesn’t make sense to keep it.

Unfortunately, selling these clothes is more of an exercise in minimizing and contrbuting to my side hustle since I had to replace a part on my car that the mechanic called “the most expensive part to replace.” I got this news just after I found out a doggy daycare near me might be hiring. Looks like I’ll have to put off my career change for a little while longer.


Reading the Rainbow: Red

I meant to just start Archie vs. Predator last night but got sucked in and binged the entire thing. I’m definitely calling this a horror based on the amount of bloodshed. It starts with a spring break trip and falling star and ends with an impressively high body count. What was really fun was that they did all of this in the traditional art style of Archie.

It was weird, silly, gory fun. I wouldn’t recommend it for your typical Archie fan but if you’re kind of twisted like me, you’ll love it. There were also some fun mash-ups at the end of the Archie universe like Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder meeting Josie and the Pussycats. All of these mash-ups are considerably more PG. Overall, 5/5.

Music Monday: Angry

My friend was handing out power rings and asked what emotion I identified with out of love, avarice, rage, fear, hope, willpower, or compassion. I immediately identified with rage. I have a temper that is mostly kept in check but some things (WMATA, animal abuse) have the ability to set it off.

One of the best things that help me soothe my inner beast is music that corresponds to my emotion.

Trip the Darkness by Lacuna Coil
Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment
Riot by Three Days Grace
Shoot It Out by 10 Years
Master Passion Greed by Nightwish
Cleanse the Bloodlines by Unleash the Archers
Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe
Sick Like Me by In This Moment
Heavy Prey by Lacey Sturm and Geno Lenardo
Bloody Creature Poster Girl by In This Moment
Delirium by Lacuna Coil

Summer Fast Fashion Fast

I’m participating in Verena Erin’s Fast Fashion Summer Fast. I’m a fan of her videos and when I saw this one. It’s a challenge to not buy Fast Fashion for June, July, and August. She’s created a Facebook group for people to share their experiences, reasons for joining, thoughts, etc.

My summer wardrobe should be complete as it is. I can see a few things I might want to get so if I stumble and buy any fast fashion, I must donate the amount spent to a charity devoted to either raising awareness or garment worker’s rights.

You also sign up for emails which should only be coming out about weekly. Here are the highlights from the first email.
Activity 1: Start by thinking about what made you want to take part in this challenge and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Complete the sentence:

I want to stop buying fast-fashion because it’s bad for the planet, it’s a worker’s/human right’s issue, and I spend way too much money on clothes. Being fat, my options are limited but I’m actively trying to be better about where I buy from. This will discourage me from shopping too much in general but also remind me to buy better.
Activity 2: For the next 2 weeks think about why you shop and see if you can identify any triggers that make you want to buy something or go shopping, for example seeing advertisements, youtube videos, influence from friends, emotional experiences, your current wardrobe, events, etc. Knowing what typically makes you want to buy something new will help with any habits you might want to change.

My job is very unstimulating and unfulfilling. Sometimes I’ll browse what’s out there just for something to do. Occasionally it will be because I think a piece will work but ultimately doesn’t. On more than a few occasions I’ve tried things that embody the minimalist style I see on YouTube and admire but those usually fail.

Some of it is impulse purchases because it’s pretty or it’s part of a fandom I like. I’ve gotten better about pinning things and coming back to it later. I hope to continue that trend.
Activity 3: Make a list of things you can do instead of shopping either alone or with friends/family.

-Catch up on current events
-Watch cute animal videos on the internet
-Walk around outside
-Put your bare feet in a fountain
-Read a book
-Read an article
-Do that chore you’ve been putting off. You know the one.
-Play a word game in your head
-Listen to a podcast
-Listen to music you have listen to in a while
-Play a board game

For an extra challenge, she recommends not buying any clothing in June. I’ve got a con coming up so while I’d like to see if I can pull that off, it’s probably not going to happen. I’m just going to try for a lot of low-no spends leading up to that.
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