Sugar’s First Days Home

The rescue says they do not guarantee any dogs are housebroken. That was accurate.

One of the first things Hubs and I got at the store was cleaner for pet messes. That saw quite a bit of use in the beginning. Sugar had several accidents but Hubs and I worked to get her familiar with her surroundings and on a routine.

The was the first clue that Sugar probably started as someone’s pet was that she was basically housebroken in a matter of days.

The second big clue came later. We tried twice to barricade Sugar in the kitchen on her first night and twice she broke out. I collapse on the couch because it’s 1 AM and I’m tired. Sugar immediately makes herself at home in my lap. I decided to stay on the couch because I’d notice if she moved. Sugar held it until I took her out in the morning.

I ended up sleeping with her for the next 2 nights while we waited for her crate to arrive. No accidents, no crying. I expected a repeat of the kitchen barricade with her new crate. Crying, fussing, more nights with too little sleep. Nope.

Crate training Sugar consisted of putting her couch blanket in her crate. Seriously, that was it. She went right in and got comfy.

She tried to jump back into bed or run around during the night but eventually stayed after being out back a few times. She’s been good about spending most of the night in her crate with the door open since.

However, Sugar would occasionally eat plants on walks and has multiple scars on her face and head. A small piece is missing from one of her ears. She is not intimidated by big dogs at all. I’ve watched her put several big dogs in their place.

I did a more thorough read of her paperwork and it looks like Sugar was a surrender. It has a birthday but that could be a best guess from the vet. Our working theory is that Sugar was a pet but the hurricane either put her on the street or somehow screwed up her situation.

Regardless of her past, Team Rocket is very happy to be this sweet girl’s future.

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