Halloween Read-a-thon

It’s been well established I’m not great at read-a-thons. I had one I was sure I’d nail and life was like “Lol, nope.” What’s nice about Wonderless Reviews Halloween Read-a-thon is that participation is all that matters. Don’t complete the challenges? That’s OK. However, you can double or triple up on books to make it easier to meet the challenges. You can also change your TBR at any time.

I want to spend my October reading creepy books that match Halloween because I need some fun or I’ll start look to Patrick Bateman as a role model. All of the art is taken directly from Wonderless’s original post.


Carnivale of Horror edited by Marie O’Regan
A beautiful naked hardback with horror stories that focus on carnivals. Yes please!


Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
I’ve been meaning to reread this for ages and it’s about angels, demons, the anti-Christ, and the end of the world.


Porkpie Hat by Peter Straub
A Halloween themed horror novella I got in the Nocturnal Reader’s box I’ve been saving for the season.


This will be a TBD graphic novel. Likely Calla Cthulhu by Evan Dorkin but I’m not sure yet.


I love creepy movies this time of year so it’s just a matter of picking which one to watch.


I’ll double up with Good Omens since I’ve been meaning to reread it for ages and haven’t.


This one is almost definitely not happening. I’m OK with that.



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