The Reading Quest

I just discovered this readathon courtesy of LittleBookOwl.  It goes from August 13 until September 10. Since I’m trying to clear out by ebook TBR in August, the knight path should work very well for me. I will be reblogging the original entry later today. The fantastic art is by this talented lady.

Looking at the quest paths, I think the knight is my best bet. I can go out of order so long as I stay on the path. Normally I’d go for the magic user but I can’t actually cast spells to help me read a book. Plus, I want to slay my TBR.


This game board design is fantastic. Did I also mention CW has an Insta?


Knight Path TBR

First book in a series – Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates
It’s the first in his World’s Scariest Places series. There was even a page count for the Kindle edition which was handy.
Pages: 440

A Book with a Verb in the Title – All My Friends Are Engaged by Jen Glantz
A Kindle single that came out before Glantz went on to become a professional bridesmaid.
Pages: 57

A Book with a Weapon on the Cover – Brimstone Angels by Erin M. Evans
A ebook of the DnD world, there are multiple armed characters on the cover. My page count is based on the out-of-print mass market paperback.
Pages: 339

A Book with a Red Cover – Red Rain by R. L. Stine OR A Million First Dates by Dan Slater
Both have been collecting edust for quite some time but I’m not sure what I’ll be in the mood for when reading time comes.
Pages: RR – 388, MFD – 268

A Book that Has a TV/Movie Adaptation – The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
This is a library hold that came in sooner than I anticipated. It will be my book about mental illness for the month of August and the film will be released soon.
Pages: 288

Potential Side Quests 

Potions – Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus
Pages: 138

Time Warp & Expansion – Two of my many Doctor Who novels collecting edust

Mini-Game – One of my many graphic novels collecting real dust

Open World – Whatever I want. I don’t know if these are harder or easier since there’s no real parameters.

I cross-checked my TBRs with my other reading challenge for August, the Read-a-thin, and they should overlap perfectly.

What’s all the better is that this challenge kicks off on the first day of my much anticipated vacation. With terrible cell reception and limited wi-fi, I hope to a bunch of reading done while I’m there.


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