August Blocked Spending

My July low to no spend was a great idea. Too bad old habits die hard.

I started off doing well but I went to a convention at the end of the month and bought books, Athleta had a big sale so I bought a sweatshirt (more than 50% off and was green), and I had to order more wicking leggings. I am so over summer humidity.

One thing that will help curb my fiscal irresponsibility is that my credit card got hacked, again. The first time was for camping equipment in Minnesota. The second time was groceries in Texas. This time it was almost $900 in cell phones. So that card has been canceled and I won’t get another one until sometime next week.

In August, I’m going to try doing a week-ish long block on certain items and see how that goes. For example, until August 12, I’m not supposed to buy books or makeup. During August 13-19 I will be on vacation in the mountains so no new jewelry or clothing or mobile spending. I’m not sure how I’m going to block off the final two weeks of the month. Given my track record, I’m not sure how well I’ll do with the first half.


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