July Book Haul

I was doing really well on having nothing to haul until I went to Nova Con. It's a first year con here in northern Virginia (NoVa). I chatted with some WWE wrestlers and some 501st members. I also bought some books.

The Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy crossover, signed by one of the inkers. I still need to read this series which kind of makes this worse.

The first three trades for Lovecraft and Tesla by John Reilly. It's been option for TV and will be making its tabletop RPG debut at Gen Con this year. Yes, I got him to sign all of them.

Behind the Avril by Indi Martin which she described as X-Files-esque but Scully is brilliant and Mulder is a PITA*. It was $10 and she signed it.

That's 3 more books bringing my annual total to 48. Yes, I'm counting the L&T trades as one.

* = That's a delightful acronym for 'pain in the ass' ICYMI


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