Nerdy 30 Books 19 and 20

Today we have a two for one special on Nerdy 30 challenge books read!

National Wilderness Month

Since July didn’t have any good themes, I borrowed from September. I finished a memoir about a husband and wife who decided to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I started Hikertrash by Erin Miller a few months ago but didn’t feel like I was making enough progress. I was enjoying it but it was king of slow going. [Insert PCT metaphor here : P]

I put it down and picked it back up when I realized how perfect it was for the theme. It also bothered the crap out of me to have a half-finished book sitting there staring at me. For some reason, leaving and coming back seemed to make the second half go by much quicker. My excitement at finishing the book matched Miller’s nearing the end of the trail. I wanted to hear more about the shell shock of returning to the real world.

It didn’t have the detail of a how-to but had the personal touches of a memoir. It was enjoyable but I didn’t love it. I think you need color photos to truly appreciate the majesty of nature. 3/5

Non-Western Mythology/Fairytales

As part of my July of reading my shelves, I read Cautionary Fables and Fairytales: Africa edited by Kel McDonald. This is a graphic anthology of various pieces of African folklore from the famous Anasi to the silly skull who took a wife. The different art and story styles were great. I loved this collection. I think it stayed very close to its African source material while the authors and artists gave each tale their own spin. 5/5


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