Book Borrowing Rules

Much like most bookworms, I’m a bit precious about my books. I value my things and take good care of them so they last. I expect others to do the same. I will absolutely lend out my books but I have a handful of ground rules.

-I do not lend out autographed books. You are welcome to read it in my home but it’s not leaving with you.

-If it’s new and I haven’t read it yet, neither are you.

-You break it, you replace it. If it comes back to me in considerably worse condition than when it left, I expect a new copy.

-If you fold the cover all the way around on my book like so, it is the last time you come near by books.

-Don’t dog-ear the pages. Use a receipt, dollar bill, free bookmark but no dog-earing.

I occasionally borrow books from friends but I always treat them as well as I treat my own, maybe slightly better. One thing that I have gotten a lot of value out of is a book sleeve. It’s a fabric pouch you put your book it so it doesn’t get as beat up riding around in your bag. I got mine from this seller


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