Low to No: Bringing Money In

Since this month isn’t as packed as last month, I’ll hopefully have some time to bring in some extra cash. Here’s some strategies to help pay down my debt.

-Selling old board games: I own a ton of board games and went through them all to decide what goes and what stays. Some are very expensive new and all of them have their original pieces so I’ll be selling what I can of them and donating/giving away the rest.

-Update Poshmark listings: I’ll finally have the time and day light to photograph several items I have to sell. This includes thrift store finds as well as cosmetic bundles.

-Up my app game: I use Perk and Receipt Hog but I’ll have to up my game on using those and adding Ibotta into the mix. Since I’ll have some time, I’ll start ordering some things for the wedding centerpieces and use the extra time to get that going and use Ebates while doing it.

-Sell my books: Part of why I want to read my shelves a lot this month is to clean them out. I already have a big stack of books I want to offer Powell’s. Store credit is better than no credit.

-Advertise my dog sitting: I’ve dog sat for two people in my building and am on the radar for a third. I plan on creating a couple of flyers and posting them in my building to advertise my services to watch people’s pets Friday evening through Sunday.


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