Low to No Spend Month

I have been very bad with excess spending. I bought too many things at Awesome Con, had a $1200 car repair, bought new glasses (including the eye exam) without vision insurance, participated in reddit’s Arbitrary Day gift exchange, fell victim to Elhoffer’s latest design, and finally supplemented my non-disposable period collection.

To add to that, in August, I’ll be missing a week of work for FHub’s family vacation. I can get some things done while I’m there but not a full week’s worth of hours. September is when the wedding spending will be increasing dramatically. I’ll have to finish paying for various vendors, do trial runs, and finally get decorations.

I have done too much damage to my current credit card and need to build up my savings. I am trying to make July my month of low to no spending. No clothes, makeup, extra toiletries, music, books or other frivolities.

Basic groceries, medications, public transit, and putting gas in the car one time are all a reasonable addition to our budget. I shouldn’t need any toiletries but if I can get a good deal on something, I’ll consider splurging.

One thing that will help is that the only convention I’m going to is one I’m working at. Two other days will be spent at a festival (low spend for food) and playing D&D (low spend to bring food). One Sunday will be spent having dinner with my future ILs so that will be another low key day (probably a no spend). I might actually be able to pull this off.


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