Nerdy 30 Quarterly Review 2: Books

3 more months. Were they productive? I’m doing something a little different this go around and highlighting all my new additions to the list.

The Months

  • January: Weight Loss and/or Human Trafficking – Stranger Here
  • February: African American History Month – Negroland
  • March: Women’s History Month – Bad Girls throughout History
  • April: Autism Awareness Month On the Edge of Gone
  • May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month – Back to the Grind
  • June: LGBT+ Pride MonthSuck Less
  • July: National Wilderness Month (borrowed from Sept)
  • August: Mental Health Awareness (borrowed from May)
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: Disability Awareness Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Non-Christian Faith/Culture

Gone was a fantastic YA sci-fi book where the main character has autuism and a terrible mother. Oh, and the world is ending. It was fantastic. Go read it right now. 5/5 Grind is by a local Japanese-American artist. A very fun take on our ordinary lives. Suck Less was a trippy ride that sometimes offered sage advice, roads to bad decisions, and interesting images. 3/5

 4/4The Pairs

  • Big Name Press – The Nest
  • Indie PressCautionary Fables and Fairy Tales
  • OldNight Music
  • New – The Handsworth Times
  • Short – Springtime: A Ghost Story
  • LongThe Chemist
  • Near –  The Day of the Donald
  • Far –
  • Fiction –
  • Nonfiction – The Big Tiny

Springtime was a short work that left me baffled as to what the point of that was. 2/5 Music was fantastic. It showed all of  Connolly’s capabilities as a writer. 5/5 Tiny is a memoir of one of the early pioneers of the tiny movement. Interesting but it also left a lot of unanswered questions. 3/5 Chemist was terrible. Meyer’s writing has not improved. Skip it. 2/5


  • Award winner/nominee – The Underground Railroad
  • Recommendation – NPCs
  • Celebrity –
  • Translation –
  • Non-western mythology and/or fairy tale –
  • Genre I typically avoid – Barons of the Beltway
  • Library book – The Trees
  • Book from a TV show –

After I finished and posted my review, Railroad went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Do I get hipster points for reading it when it only had one major award? Young people and privileged white people need to read this. 5/5


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