Totally Didn’t Book Tag

Courtesy of ReadLikeWildFire The tag is interesting but the vlogger seems kind of drunk.

1. Totally didn’t need to have a sequel/sequels.
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I get wanting to do more with those characters but it just didn’t feel necessary. I only know the premise of the next one and I’m disappoint.

2. Totally didn’t need to have more than one point of view.
Allegiant by Veronica Roth. There was no difference in the voices between Tris and Four. I get why two points of view was necessary but don’t do it if you can’t write it.

3. Totally didn’t need to change cover art through the middle of a series.
Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde. I wanted a matched set dammit.

4. Totally didn’t need a love triangle.
Why pick one? 90% of love triangles are unnecessary since they never happen in real life. It’s a cheap plot device.

5. Totally didn’t need this book to be included in this series.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I appreciate what they were trying to do but Ron was grossly underdeveloped and it messed with time more than a damn season of Doctor Who.

6. Totally didn’t need a cliffhanger.
Catching Fire. It ends with ‘BTW, your district is gone.’ I can’t imagine getting that right when it came out and waiting for the rest of the information.

7. Totally didn’t need to have just one point of view.
I’m going to repeat myself and say the Thursday Next series. I’d love to see what other characters have to add to the series. I do agree with the original vlogger that Mockingjay would definitely have been a richer book with more behind the scenes information.

8. Totally didn’t need that much hype.
The Twilight series. It normalizes abuse and wraps everything up perfectly in a tidy bow. No one dies, nothing bad happens, and they all lived blissfully ever after.

9. Totally didn’t need a relative book reference. (Eg, For example: Hunger Games fan would love Divergent.)
Most YA dystopian don’t need a ‘if you liked this series.’ If you like YA dystopian, try the ones that sound interesting. They’re kind of over-saturating the market TBH.

10. Totally didn’t deserve my time.
The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. This bitch needs to learn to google. She got so much wrong about D.C. as well as other really obvious things. If the makeup can hide a bruise, you can’t wash it off with crappy soap and hybrid SUVs aren’t common.


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