Minimalism for Most of Us

The Financial Diet post a blog about trying minimalism without getting rid of everything. I really liked it because it highlights key points of minimalism but reframes them for most people.

A great point the author made is that minimalism offers a lot of ‘one size fits all’ recommendations. But with so many different people in the world, with different needs, the same things can’t work for everyone.

My friend had/has acne from hell including pitting. She needs major face coverage to feel comfortable being out in the world every day. She keeps her eyes and lips simple. I own a fraction of the face products she has because I don’t need them and routinely sweat them off. However, I love bold eye shadows and lipsticks. Our versions of minimizing our makeup would look totally different.

Know what you like and what you need. I don’t need the white button down every capsule wardrobe blogger says you do. You may not need the comfy sneakers or little black dress. Figure out what applies to you and if you like the overall message. Customize a ‘one size fits all’ message and tailor it for your life.

“I think it is important to just make sure you have a place for all of your stuff”
Yaaass! I have a bunch of plushies that I don’t like having out in the open. I was brainstorming ideas for how to put them away. We figured out that a hollow bench I liked might not work with the furniture we have now. Instead, we’ll move a bookshelf and get me a proper nightstand. The plushies will go in a basket on the bookshelf. We’ll create a place for the stuff we have and not have to get rid of anything.

Other times you must get rid of your bridesmaid/prom dress to make room for a good winter coat. Or avoid bringing anything in if you can say exactly where you’d put it. Part of taking care of your things is to have a place to put them.

Get rid of trash is a very crucial point so many people forget. I have a couple of boxes of loose junk, old mail, etc. that I need to go through. I just got rid of some shopping bags out of the bedroom and it feels like our floor space increased dramatically. Our countertops are a disaster but it’s mostly junk mail. Before you decide to gut your closet again, see if you just don’t need to get rid of actual rubbish.

I will second the author on “you’re not going to find God because you cleaned your closet” if you’re a normal person. However, living in a tidy space and buying intentionally can improve your quality of life. It can make you more aware of what you really want for your home, your money, and even your life. You need to do some introspection to have lasting change to stop impulse shopping or ignoring the pile of junk even though it’s bringing you stress.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a true minimalist like the folks who make a living off of it but I aspire to minimize and declutter my life. The folks who have gone to the extreme have valuable knowledge and insight on how to declutter your life. Even if you don’t go whole hog, you should still see how you can apply certain pieces to your life.


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