Reading the Rainbow: Green

I’ve had Leaving Megalopolis by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore on my TBR for literal years. I snagged cheap at Baltimore Comic Con a couple of years ago. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read it. 

I love the idea of the heroes we put our faith and security in turning on us. How do we react? How do we handle that? 

There are a lot of stories about humans hunting each other. This takes it to another level. What would happen if someone had a psychotic break or serial killer behavior with meta-human powers?

The heroes don’t want to be bad but are you a hero when your powers force responsibility on you? What if you think people are beyond saving? This makes you think about tough questions about what it means to be heroic.

What really got me were the dogs. Seeing the poor dead puppet on the street and watching poor Mina’s heart break when she sees the dog she didn’t want to care about hurt her. I just wanted to find one of my dog friends and hug them. 

I loved how the raccoon became this beautiful metaphor. As an animal person, this all resonated with me. Lots of feelings were had.
One bonus of waiting so long to read it? Surviving Megalopolis is already on shelves! (No, I’m not buying it yet but that’s happening before the year is out.) Go read this now. 5/5


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