Summer Fast Fashion Fast

I’m participating in Verena Erin’s Fast Fashion Summer Fast. I’m a fan of her videos and when I saw this one. It’s a challenge to not buy Fast Fashion for June, July, and August. She’s created a Facebook group for people to share their experiences, reasons for joining, thoughts, etc.

My summer wardrobe should be complete as it is. I can see a few things I might want to get so if I stumble and buy any fast fashion, I must donate the amount spent to a charity devoted to either raising awareness or garment worker’s rights.

You also sign up for emails which should only be coming out about weekly. Here are the highlights from the first email.
Activity 1: Start by thinking about what made you want to take part in this challenge and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Complete the sentence:

I want to stop buying fast-fashion because it’s bad for the planet, it’s a worker’s/human right’s issue, and I spend way too much money on clothes. Being fat, my options are limited but I’m actively trying to be better about where I buy from. This will discourage me from shopping too much in general but also remind me to buy better.
Activity 2: For the next 2 weeks think about why you shop and see if you can identify any triggers that make you want to buy something or go shopping, for example seeing advertisements, youtube videos, influence from friends, emotional experiences, your current wardrobe, events, etc. Knowing what typically makes you want to buy something new will help with any habits you might want to change.

My job is very unstimulating and unfulfilling. Sometimes I’ll browse what’s out there just for something to do. Occasionally it will be because I think a piece will work but ultimately doesn’t. On more than a few occasions I’ve tried things that embody the minimalist style I see on YouTube and admire but those usually fail.

Some of it is impulse purchases because it’s pretty or it’s part of a fandom I like. I’ve gotten better about pinning things and coming back to it later. I hope to continue that trend.
Activity 3: Make a list of things you can do instead of shopping either alone or with friends/family.

-Catch up on current events
-Watch cute animal videos on the internet
-Walk around outside
-Put your bare feet in a fountain
-Read a book
-Read an article
-Do that chore you’ve been putting off. You know the one.
-Play a word game in your head
-Listen to a podcast
-Listen to music you have listen to in a while
-Play a board game

For an extra challenge, she recommends not buying any clothing in June. I’ve got a con coming up so while I’d like to see if I can pull that off, it’s probably not going to happen. I’m just going to try for a lot of low-no spends leading up to that.
Recommended Reading
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