Reading the Rainbow: Orange

One color down! I started with orange since it was light and I’m going to pick up some library books after work.

I was very excited to read Prison Island by Colleen Frakes. Frakes grew up in the last U.S. prison accessible by only air and sea. Both of her parents worked there and they lived in the tiny community. I liked how Frakes interspersed her past with her final tour of the island.

I felt like I was only getting a fraction of her story. There are so many questions I have that weren’t even touched on. What was dating like as a teenager? What happened when she finally did get glasses? What were the different rebellions her and her sister engaged in? What happened if she couldn’t get back from the mainland before the last boat? Where did she stay? Did anything happened between her island friend and that inmate from the boat? What happened when they moved to a more isolated house? Did any family ever get kicked off the island for rule breaking?

I’m a bit disappointed that so many of my questions are unanswered. I was expecting a bit more. I’d give it a 3.5/5. I was interesting but didn’t go as deep as I was hoping it would. This is a very singular experience and I was hoping to get a more complete picture of it.

Today’s Google Doodle is about Gilbert Baker’s creation of the pride rainbow. It was founded with color theory and includes two shades of blue and pink. From my initial pull, I’ve got the dark blue and have another short graphic work that could function as light blue. I have no idea what would be pink but if I get through the 6 color rainbow a bit faster than I was anticipating, I may add those two colors into the mix.


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