Fresh Out of Fox

In my biweekly meeting with my boss, I mentioned having to take my car in because the AC is acting up. She launched into a spiel about how I take too many telework days to handle personal errands like haircuts, doctor’s appointments, and car repair. She’s been a very lenient manager but it’s just happening too often. While my work hasn’t been impacted by this, I’m still not picking up my pace enough to meet deadlines imposed on projects before I got them.

Let me repeat some key parts here: My work hasn’t been impacted by those days. The project deadlines were imposed before I ever touched them.

She wants me to ‘have a good work/life balance’ but these deadlines are critical. Bitch, are you kidding me? I’m a temp and get no PTO. You couldn’t have fewer fucks to give about my life if you got paid for not caring. ($10 she still has no idea I’m getting married.) As a temp with no PTO or respect, these deadlines don’t need to matter to me.

I’ve finally had it. I only need this job for the money. While weddings are expensive, I can find coin somewhere else. It’s time to boost my side hustles.

Side Hustle #1: Poshmark
I was thinking about minimizing my closet even more. There are several items I don’t need or wear that much, as great as they are. It’s time to downsize even more and see if I can generate some income.

Side Hustle #2: Etsy
I’ve made chain maille jewelry for several years. I’ve fallen off with it in the last couple of years but now might be a good time to pick it back up.

Side Hustle #3: Writing Smut
I bought a guide to writing erotica for Amazon. I’ve bought cheap Kindle erotica and it had typos. If people who can’t even spell check can spit it out and generate any sort of income, so can I. If I can do some of it on my work computer out of pure spite, even better.

Side Hustle #4: Pet Sitting
I got to watch the lovely Milo for my downstairs neighbors again. When I went to take him for a walk, Milo’s neighbor recognized him but not me. We started chatting and she’d be interested in using my services for her Boston Terrier. I’ve already got a flat rate for 4 walks a day, more if your dog is very active.

New Main Hustle: Doggy Day Care
It’s big and scary but I reached out to the doggy day care in my area with an apprenticeship program for dog training. They may not have any openings, they may not be interested in having me work there, but by doing this, I’ve taken a huge step toward the next part of my life.


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