May Book Haul and Nerdy 30 New Books #29-33

FHubs left me unsupervised in The Strand for too long on our recent trip to NYC. I think I’m learning because I can quickly pinpoint which books I’d have left behind if I’d had more time to think about my purchases. We had to cram a lot of activity in to not a lot of trip so I didn’t have my usual musings about my purchases. The Strand slightly discounts everything so I didn’t pay full price for any of it but I came mighty close.

Signature Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet – Beautiful and inexpensive. My only regret was having to carry it.

Wildwood by Colin Melot – Inexpensive and it feels like it will be delightful. Complete impulse purchase but no buyer’s remorse.

So Sad Today by Melissa Broder – This collection of essays piqued my interest and felt New York.

Body Horror by Anne Elizabeth Moore – As a fat feminist, this definitely piqued my interest.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson – This sounds somewhat like my life motto and my library has a mile long waitlist for this so only a small bit of remorse.

I also got a tote bag and a tee. Other than some farmer’s market jam and pins from Puffs (BEST. PLAY. EVAR!!! Go see it immediately), these were the only things I bought in NYC. If I’d had more time to think about it, I probably would have skipped Sad and Horror, maybe Art but I don’t fully regret any of these.

And with that, I have surpassed 30 books. I did very well in the first quarter and tanked it in the second quarter, even with my BS math. What really pushed me over was the discount adventure books and the pretty indie bookstore buys.

I currently plan on reading more from home and trying to clean out some titles so expect a summer purge. I won’t be using that to reset the counter but I will try to keep it under 60 books for the year.


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