Nerdy 30 Book #17

For Asian Pacific Heritage month, I read Back to the Grind: A Yellow Peril Collection by Jamie Noguchi. It’s written by a local artist I’m semi-acquainted with. He’s the founder of Super Art Fight. Two artists, with pro-wrestling like personas, art battle each other. I’m a big fan of this and they do almost all of the local cons. This book is a collection of a web comic about two graphic designers and friends working a soulless office job. It’s funny and relatable to anyone with a typical 9-5.

I tried to get a copy of In Order to Live but the library only had so many copies. It’s still on my TBR but I could not get it in time to read it for the Nerdy 30. So I went with a book already on my shelf that gave a different experience of being of Asian heritage. It didn’t play too huge a role in Kane’s story but it wasn’t totally ignored either. The cast was diverse but it felt completely natural.

It was ultimately a story about people in crappy jobs finding connections and living their lives. It was even more relatable to me because it takes place locally. I have been on those sardine packed metro cars (so fun in summer -_-). I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to picking up the next one. I want to see how the story develops.

Much like the movie Office Space, you need to have been in the working world for a while to fully appreciate this. Other than that, I highly recommend it. 4/5


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