Dogs Are Easier than Kids

Inspired by this fantastic bit from Steve Hofstetter. Hofstetter jokes about people rescuing dogs and not kids. Adoption is long, complicated and expensive and dogs are much less maintenance.

-You can leave a dog alone for 6-8 hours and nobody gets upset. You can leave a cat for literally days with adequate supplies and still not be in trouble.

-My dogs will never have to go to college, expect the latest iProduct, or be a target for annoying advertising.

-If I get sick or lose my job and can’t afford to care for another living thing, I can rehome a pet without the state getting involved.

-I will never feel obligated to give up my Saturday, spend too much money on equipment and enrollment fees, and then sit on a field to watch my dog chase a ball with other dogs in matching outfits. Bonus: No bat shit parents taking sports waaaaay to seriously.

-My dog will never come home from doggy day care and need me to help with math homework. I didn’t like trig the first time.

-Want to go on a vacation? There are a variety of professional services that will watch my dog at my home, their home, or a business. There are none of the above for children.

I want kids and I want dogs but I’ll readily admit one is easier than the other.


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