The Dreaded Reading Slump

I’m in a reading slump. I was afraid this was going to happen.

I should have seen this coming. Hikertrash wasn’t going as quickly as I’d like so I fell into a bit of a slump with it. I dabbled in a Gary Gygax biography but that didn’t really grab me either. I tried one of the memoirs on my ‘read it or lose it’ shelf but it wasn’t going as quickly as I’d hoped. I tried reading Springtime as a preventative measure but since that was a total dud, it did more to usher in the slump than avoid it. This morning I resumed reading Hikertrash but I just felt blah.

I had The Bear and the Nightingale come in at the library but that doesn’t feel right. Anthologies and anything too short feel wrong as well. I’ve sampled a few things from my library short list but they weren’t doing it for me either. I think it’s a safe bet that nonfiction will not be the cure for this slump.

I want something similar to The Rook where it grabs you and doesn’t let you go. You lose yourself in the story as it beckons you to unravel what lay before you. I’m trolling through my various TBRs on the library website seeing what’s available at my branch. I don’t want to start my rereads early since I’m still waiting for May’s book to come in from the library.

What is the best way to break out of a slump?


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