Nerdy 30 Book #16

I’m more than halfway through the 30 books I have to read for the year! [pauses for celebratory dance break] My latest installment was a short book. Coming in at less than 100 pages, Michelle de Kretser’s Springtime: A Ghost Story fit the bill perfectly.

A literary ghost story that takes place in warm, sunny Australia rather than a foggy haunted Victorian house. I’ve heard good things about this short work from Mercy’s Bookish Musings and at least one other BookTuber. To them, I have one question: What are you on about?

This is everything I hate about literary fiction. It’s vague, pointless, and a little high on itself. I don’t get what the ghost was supposed to be and had trouble keeping track of who was who at the end of the book. Everyone was so vaguely described that I routinely had to go back and check if the character was an adult friend or Frances’s stepson.

It’s an interesting idea and maybe if I was the right kind of ‘smart’ I’d get the point but I’ve got nothing but disappointment for this little work. 2/5


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