Bookish Buzz Words

My reading taste has been all over the map lately so people talking about the buzz words that make them pick up a book, it made partaking in this tag more trickey

Feminism – This is a buzz word that will definitely get me to look more into what it’s about whether it’s fiction or not.

Adventure – I’m broke with no time off work so I don’t get out much so I want to hear about some of the activities I can’t manage to do. Plus, there are some adventures I never want to do firsthand, like hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

Dogs – I was into dogs before I had a dog so that’s pretty much my entire life. If it’s a nonfiction book about dogs, I’ll look more into it.

Fairy Tales – Especially Little Red Riding Hood. I don’t know why exactly but I love seeing what people do with such universal tropes.

Anthology – It’s like an author sampler platter. Like with fairy tale retellings, I enjoy seeing what authors do with the same thing.

Trump – Given the way our reality is going, I’m open to suggestions on how to stop this idiot and his cronies.


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