Target Advertising Misses the Mark

Former BuzzFeed starlet Safia Nygaard started her own YouTube channel. One of her most recent videos caught my attention. She orders the first five reasonably priced items Facebook targets to her. I decided to try that. I did not have her level of success.

Fragrant Jewels – I’m allergic to scented products and do not fit comfortably in normal tubs. It was a video specifically for bath bombs that have rings and such inside. Upon inspection, they don’t carry my ring size either.

Lotus Leggings – I have actually tried this brand. They had some very cool looking zombie leggings. Their fat sizes were made by someone who has never met a fat person and they charge you return shipping and a restocking fee if you return it. I’d have kept more of my money selling them on Poshmark. 0/5

LOLA – Organic cotton tampons. I’m not exactly sure where they got this since I dislike using tampons at all. Great concept but I’m not your girl.

I got through these three at which point FB said “Well, screw you then” and just gave me my usual stream of dog videos. It’s not my fault your ads were all duds.

Tipsy Elves – Specifically bride themed tank tops. I like tank tops but I refuse to buy any crap with ‘bride’ on it. Once again, not in my size.

Dreamland Jewelry – They were showcasing rings identical to a ‘resist’ ring I looked at on Etsy. The main difference is that it wasn’t a small business, the words were basic AF (blessed), and they didn’t have my size.


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