That Is Not a Double Standard

I recently watched The N-Word “Double Standard” by Chescaleigh. I have thoughts.

White people need to stop using the N-word and bitching about the consequences when they do. It’s not loaded with our oppression or lack of privilege. It does not refer to us. It is not our word. It has an ugly history that reflects pretty badly on us, fellow white people. It doesn’t matter if your ancestors didn’t own slaves. Mine probably didn’t but I still benefit from a system established by those who did.

There are two big points I keep hearing repeated about it and I’ll throw in my 2 cents on them sinec it’s by blog and I can do that.

“If you don’t want other people to say it, you shouldn’t say it.” There is some truth to this. If you don’t want to hear the word used against you, it’s probably wise to not use it at all. However, one person does not speak for an entire race. Offering this complaint to one black person solves nothing and showcases your own ignorance.

It’s like saying Westboro Baptist speaks for all Protestants, David Duke speaks for all white people, or Trump speaks for all Americans. If we can’t arrange a meeting to convince white girls who worship at the altar of Uggs and pumpkin spice lattes to read a fucking book, black people cannot arrange a general meeting amongst themselves regarding usage of this word.

As for the idea the reclaiming the word in an attempt to alter its power is a nice idea. But once you put an idea out there, you lose all control on it being misconstrued and staying as you intended. The originator of this concept may have known the history wanted to take power back but he didn’t control who decided this was a good idea.

The people who seem to use this word the most are not college professors, respected ministers, or other pillars of the community. They are rap artists who are walking stereotypes and other folks who are unlikely to join MENSA. The aforementioned folks care what the history of the n-word is or how their actions ripple out into the world.

My most important point is to echo what chescaleigh ended with. Anyone who whinges about this double-standard only cares that it inconveineces them. They don’t care about Black Lives Matter, the wage gap, or a variety of other things that are unfair for not them. If this is your biggest complaint in life, you need to watch the news.


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