Spring Reading Tag

Courtesy of Mercedes and her VEDA, I bring you the Spring Reading Tag,

1. What books are you most excited to read over the next few months?

  • The Big Tiny by Dee Williams
  • Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly
  • Training Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell
  • On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis
  • The Creators by Michael Bracco

2. What book most makes you think of Spring, for whatever reason?

I can’t identify an individual book but it makes me think of lighter reading. Fun fiction, entertaining memoirs, and positive self-improvement books. Less high fantasy, horror, or depressing nonfiction. Books that have a certain lightness to them.
3. The days are getting longer – what is the longest book you’ve read?

I am not digging through my entire reading history but I’m pretty sure it’s the 722 page mass market edition of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

4. What books would you recommend to brighten someone’s day?

Something light and silly like Sarah Andersen’s comics or Awkward Yeti’s Heart and Brain comics. Both are available in bound book form and I greatly enjoy them.

5. Spring brings new life in nature – think up a book that doesn’t exist but you wish it did.

The rest of the Shades of Grey series by Jasper Fforde. As much as I loved that book, I almost regret reading it because there’s so much that still needs to happen in that story. I need more. Stop making marketable YA stuff and give me my story!

6. Spring is also a time of growth – how has your reading changed over the years?

My tastes have definitely matured and grown. I’m getting a lot out of literary fiction I used to find esoteric and uninteresting. I have less tolerance for bad writing and predictable plots, as evidenced by my feelings about Meyer’s The Chemist. I’m less interested in teenage ‘coming of age’ stories. I tried to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell but Cath just annoyed me and I quit before hitting 50 pages. It has to be in some way striking like Patrick Ness’s More than This

7. We’re a couple of months into the new year – how’s your reading going?

Really well. I’ve made good progress with my Nerdy 30 challenge and decent progress in all of my casual challenges. I’m also enjoying my reading more in the last couple of months because I’m more of what I want rather than ‘should’ be reading.

8. Any plans you’re looking forward to over the next few months?

Welcome to Night Vale live show and Steve Hofstetter will both be in town this month. Awesome Con is coming up. I plan on getting new glasses soon-ish. I hope to read the rainbow in June. I also hope to save a bunch of money, start an IRA, and read some awesome books.


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