Nerdy 30 Activty #4 Part 2 or The Nocturnal Reader’s April Box

It’s time for part 2 of my book box activity. I was waiting until the Nocturnal Reader’s Box had a theme that really clicked with me. Scary stories about being trapped? Yes please.

Holy haul was this worth the money.

First the fun logo

A nice tote. I’ve never read this so I may gift it to a friend.

A previously released book about zombie-ish children. You’ll notice the bottom right corner of the book is a bit squished. It’s chilling under a bunch of library books to fix that.

The coolest bar glass ever. This did the previously mentioned squishing.

A funky pin. It’s cool but I would have preferred Cujo since I’m a dog person.

Funky matches. These are so going in my bug out bag.

The monthly art print, this time with 3D glasses. It’s a very cool effect. FHubs loved it.

A chap book/zine and creepy bookmark.

And the new release book. A cult in the middle of nowhere and a major disaster? Sounds like a great read.

All this awesome book swag for $35. What are you waiting for? This is not sponsored. I just think it’s a great product.


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