March Wrap-Up, April TBR, and Nerdy 30 Activities #7 and 12

It’s that time again! Since the conclusion of my reading from home challenge ends right before the month does, why make a separate post with the same info? To see how Nerdy 30 Activity #7 turned out, check the color coded reviews.

March Wrap-Up

The Trees by Ali Shaw
It’s literary fiction, magical realism, and all around awesome. Check the Nerdy 30 review for more details. 4.5/5

How to Have the Wedding You Want
Learn from other people’s wedding fails and victories. These stories helped me think  of questions to ask and solutions to have. A must-read for any brides you know. 4/5

Night Music by John Connolly
I have loved everything I’ve ever read by John Connolly so the fact that I hesitated to read Night Music is strange. I still don’t know why I didn’t dive in because I knew I was going to love it but I’ve done this before. It’s the best of everything he has to offer. Charming fiction, creepy horror, and a bit in between. The essay at the end was a bit meandering and self-serving but if his fiction keeps being this good, I’ll allow it. 5/5

Dog Years by Amanda Jones
FHubs got me this for my birthday. It’s a photo book about beloved canine companions. We get to see how they age and get a little anecdote. It was lovely 5/5

The Handsworth Times by Sharon Duggal
A sad but excellent book. Full review is here. 4/5

The Best Horror of the Year Vol 5 edited by Ellen Datlow
I did not finish this but I’m including it because it’s a long time TBR resident and it was part of reading from home. I got this in my first ever reddit gift exchange when I requested some spooky reads for Halloween. I also want to go through the notable fiction list at the beginning which is basically a giant TBR for me.

Number 13 by Robert Love
I got this at a sidewalk sale at my comic bookstore. The concept is a child made into a weapon of mass destruction into a world where humanity doesn’t look like it used to. Great concept but if it had been fleshed out a bit more, I think it would have had more success. 3/5

Bad Girls throughout History by Ann Shen
You can read the full review here but I loved it. 5/5

Not bad if I do say so myself.

April TBR

I froze my library holds for the month of March but I unfroze them as my home reading was winding down. Three came in on the same day. It looks like this is a good time to make April part of my Nerdy 30 Activity #12 and read from the library for a while. I’m looking at my schedule and Sunday April 2 seems like a good start date.

The Journal of Best Practices
A reasonably short memoir of a husband who learns he has autism late in life and tries to be a better partner. It’s been collecting dust on my shelves for a while and April is more than 3 weeks.

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
A much buzzed about book that tells the stories of the descendants of two women, one a slave and another a slave trader’s wife.

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer
She wrote Twilight which was both awful and insanely popular. Then she wrote The Host which had mixed reviews. Now she’s written a spy thriller. Much like Peep Oreos, I just have to know.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
Award winning and much lauded, this tale speculates what if it had been an actual railroad.

The Big Tiny by Dee Williams
The memoir of a woman who builds a tiny house.

No Baggage by Clara Bensen
A couple that barely know each other go traveling with just the clothes on their backs.

Much like the reading from home 3 weeks, I’ll add the library 3 weeks to my April wrap-up.


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