Last night I started reading Your Illustrated Guide to Being One with the Universe by Yumi Sakugawa (My library is freaking awesome). One of the things it instructs you to do is try to shut down distractions and focus on what the universe is trying to tell you. You’ve heard me talk about taking a pay cut and working with dogs but weddings (and life) are expensive so I’ve put that on hold to get my finances straight.

This morning as I was leaving, I ran into one of my dog friends in the building, a brown cocker spaniel named Milo. His owner asked me if I’ve ever dog sat because he really seems to like me. I gave her my name and number so we’ll see what happens. Less spiritual people would say it’s a coincidence but I’m choosing to believe otherwise.

In case I missed the point the first time, I have another dog friend in a building near my train stop. She’s a black lab and every time I acknowledge her, she yanks her owner over to say hello. This dog is always super happy to say hi and get petted.


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