Nerdy 30 Quarterly Review 1: Activities

It’s time for part 1 of my quarterly review. Was I active enough in my reading life?

  1. Participate in at least one read-a-thon – Emojiathon
  2. Listen to a new podcast about books – Modern Mrs. Darcy
  3. Give away a long time TBR resident – FBI memoir
  4. Read 6 books that have been sitting unread on my shelf for too long
  5. Donate to a bookish charity
  6. Visit a famous library
  7. Attend a book themed party – Library ball
  8. Read the rainbow
  9. Shop in an indie bookstore – Kramer’s after the Women’s March
  10. Be read to
  11. Create a book tag – Halestorm
  12. Only read from home for a 3 weeks – March 6-27
  13. Only read from the library for 3 weeks
  14. Only read from my Kindle & computer for 3 weeks
  15. Only reread books for 3 weeks
  16. Dress bookishly for a week – January 10 – 16
  17. Read a banned book
  18. Attend an event at the library
  19. Read a book by an author from a country I’ve never imagined visiting
  20. Sign up for a book box – Moth Box
  21. Post an elaborate bookstagram
  22. Read a book for a holiday
  23. Read the book, see the movie, debate
  24. Color
  25. Attend a bookish event
  26. Do at least one book purge – Of 40+ books
  27. Smell a book – Winnie the Pooh
  28. Make a bookish playlist
  29. Use a TBR jar
  30. Chosen for me

I’m wrapping the quarter having done 11 activities on this list. Well done me. I really enjoyed making a book tag so I might have to try that again sometime. Emojiathon was pretty easy since it only had to be 4 books in a month. I still plan on participating in a few other readathons this year so I’ll let you know when those happen.

Part 2 of the Book Box will be in April with the Nocturnal Reader’s Box as well as my library reading (more on that shortly). My library also has it’s big book sale which is a 4 day event. Looks like my activities won’t be slowing down any time soon.


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