Nerdy 30 Book #11

I was going over my progress on my various challenges when I realized I had read  book for I’ve owned for more than a year but didn’t realize it at the time. I have loved everything I’ve read by John Connolly so the fact that I seemed to put off reading his second collection of short stories baffles me. I knew I was going to love it so why didn’t I dive straight in? I still have no idea why I do this but once again, Connolly delivers.

This collection really encompasses his range as an author. You can see how he can charm with The Caxton Private Lending Library and its partner story Holmes on the Range. You see how he can create something dark and beautiful with The Haunting and Hollow King. The Fractured Atlas and Children of Dr. Lyall show how his curiosity of the world beyond us can add another layer to his horror. The Lamia, The Blood of the Lamb, and Razorshins are much more straightforward but no less entertaining in their horror.

The essay at the end was a bit meandering and self-serving but if his fiction continues to be this good, I can live with that. I adored this collection. Even if you’re not a horror person, there is something to be enjoyed here. 5/5


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