Casual Challenge Update

I have finished the first quarter. How have I done in the last 2 months?

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

  • By a person of color – Negroland
  • Difficult topic – Good Riddance
  • Set in two different time periods – Night Music
  • Book with Pictures – Dog Years
  • MC is a different ethnicity – The Handsworth Times
  • First book in a series new to you – NPCs

If you missed my review of Negroland, you can check it out hereGood Riddance is a graphic memoir about divorce. I meant to read it alongside This Is Why We Broke Up but I had no desire to read over 100 pages about a month long relationship so Copeland’s book got to fly solo. Night Music has short stories from a variety of time periods, some connected and some not. If nothing else, the Caxton library stories are from different times so it absolutely counts. Dog Years is all about pictures but gives you enough narrative to provide context.

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

  • From a micropress – NPCs
  • All POV characters are POC – The Handsworth Times
  • A character of color goes on a spiritual journey – Number 13

NPCs is from a place that specializes in self-publishing. It doesn’t get much smaller than that. Handsworth is from my Moth Box and it’s about an Indian family living in England and how they cope with the loss of a child. Detailed review is here. 13 is a dystopian comic I got at a sidewalk sale. 13 is a young boy of color who must decide if he wishes to be the weapon of mass destruction he was created to be or an agent for good. I’m reaching a bit but I think it works.

52 Books in a Year

  • Nonfiction book – Barons of the Beltway
  • Written by a POC – Negroland
  • Magical realism – The Trees
  • From someone else’s bookshelf – NPCs
  • Meant to read in 2016 – Night Music
  • Published outside the big 4 – The Handsworth Times

I did a full review of Barons here and NPCs got its own review as well. I’ll go more into Night Music in my wrap-up but I got in 2016 after much anticipation and read it in pieces but didn’t finish it until this month.

Diversity Bingo

  • Black MC (own voices) – Negroland
  • Indian MC (own voices) – The Handsworth Times

I got to check something off on diversity bingo. I didn’t realize either of these books would check so many boxes when I read them.


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