Nerdy 30 Book #10

I’m using shopping at an indie bookstore to feed my March reading requirements. I picked up Bad Girls throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World by Ann Shen after the Women’s March. Is there a better time to read it than Women’s History Month?

Bad Girls is a very pretty book with it’s smooth cover, full color pages, and larger than average size. It has an attractive presence. I love the font used for the names and blurbs about the remarkable woman in question. The art is great; realistic while still pretty. The way the book was laid out and how it used space made me think about how much work went into the design and layout. It’s not an aspect of books you typically notice but in this one, I couldn’t not.

Each woman has a portrait with a blurb or quote to go along with her one page bio. You get enough information to appreciate each woman and learn something about what she did without getting overwhelmed. It was inspiration to look into more works about their lives if you were so inclined. They came very close to running out of room for Eleanor Roosevelt given all of her accomplishments. I’m very interested in finding a good biography on her in the future.

While it may look like it’s oriented for children, it deals with ritual cannibalism, birth control, and a variety of other adult topics. Just because it’s cute doesn’t always mean it’s for kids. This is definitely a new favorite. 5/5




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