Music Monday: Favorite Lyrics

This Music Monday is more about the words in the song that spoke to me. People often forget that music is poetry and often designed to have as much meaning as the sound accompanying them. Here are some of my favorite pieces from songs.

Looks like your writing on the wall was Lorem Ipsum after all – Dessa

And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies and the face of the lovers with no time for me – Fall Out Boy

I am a universe wrapped in skin – Joy Williams

Where do we go when our prayers are answered but the answer is no – Lindsey Stirling & Carah Faye

In your deepest pain, in your weakest hour, in your darkest night, you are lovely – Icon for Hire

Fear is a choice you embrace – Nightwish

Tell me something more than what you tried to hide – Anberlin

Put your lighter in the air and lead me back home – Halestorm

My heart is like a stallion; they love it more when it’s broken – Fall Out Boy

Your anger has such beauty underneath – Delta Rae

No one ever died from wanting too much – Garbage

We grow stronger for breaking apart together – Joy Williams

I surrender up my heart and swap it for yours – Ed Sheeran

Sympathy’s better than having to tell you the truth – Anberlin


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