Closet Cleanout

I finally did it. I begged off work for my birthday and finally laid all my clothes out on the bed. This includes costumes and stuff that is still in the apartment but is a bit small. The only thing not featured here is my underthings, bathing suits, coats, socks, and PJs. I reviewed the PJ/lounge wear draw before the unloading because I’m pretty on top of what’s in stock. Coats I just forgot about so that’s a mulligan for another day but there’s definitely things in there I can part with.

Here is my now empty closet housing only my authographed Caps jersey and empty garment bags. The stuff on the left are my scarves.

And the giant pile on my bed. It’s not nearly as big as I thought it would be. This is likely some combination of small scale minimizing at various intervals and having a big bed.

Despite thinking I wouldn’t have much to part with, I was wrong. After the latest degradation, I’m pretty much done with office work this year. I’ll be living a more casual life unless someone throws a FTE + benefits job at me. I took out a lot of my more structured tops and nicer skirts.

I packed away several items that don’t fit in my current size are going through those as well. I have no desire to drop a bunch of weight and have to buy a new wardrobe. I may not keep everything but with vacuum bags, storing it is pretty painless.

Yes, my closet looks very full. However, this is literally all of my clothes that aren’t in my dresser or coats. The daily highs can vary by as much as 40 degrees in just a couple of days so I’ve got all seasons in here. As spring rolls in, I’ll store some of my winter items.

Behind the autographed jersey garment bags are my fancy dresses or more elaborate costume pieces. Some of my simpler costume pieces are included so they’ll get to come out more and bring some fun to my wardrobe.

I try to limit myself to only two items per hanger. I have more than one item that fills a similar role but I didn’t want to part with all of them. In this case it’s sweatshirt-like cardigans. I just won’t replace the ones that wear out.

There were a couple of holes left by the purge so I ordered a couple of replacements and have pinned other possibilities as the need arises. One thing I did that I’m very happy about is that everything I don’t plan on selling went into a GoodWill bag and was donated that day. It’s on to the next phase of its life to bring someone else joy.

In the near future I hope to do this with my bags, scarves, and jewelry as well.


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