What I Bought During My No-Buy and Nerdy 30 New Book #7

It’s well established I have no willpower and a bit of an impulse control problem. I knew I probably wasn’t going to pass by no-buy period with flying colors.

Four books after the Women’s March. No apologies, no regrets.

A funky tee. I was watching My Green Closet and pinning some of her recommended stores which lead to a bit of window shopping. You see where this is going. I think I like the idea of living minimally and part of my brain wanted to dress the part. I’d be better off living the life.

A highlighter from Shiro. While it’s not marketed as being lip safe, that’s only because they use two ingredients approved in the EU but not the US. I fell in love with Esper and went on there to add some of the other colors to my wishlist. There were only 3 combos left so I pounced. Only a little sorry about this one.

A song by MILCK. No apologies, no regrets.

Pussy Riot’s latest EP. No apologies, no regrets

Two more tees. They were for a good cause and on sale. Still kinda sorry though.

Deadpool sweatshirt. The website was offline for months due to the brand’s ownership changing, it was on sale, matched a tee I have, and had been on my wishlist for ages. It’s adorable but I have some regrets.

Gray area

I always get the store credit when I return things to ModCloth. They pay the return shipping and give you $5. I purchased something with that store credit and only paid shipping. I didn’t technically spend money on clothes but I did buy something.

I signed up to do a few reddit gift exchanges including bookmarks and books. Sophie Carlon has some delightful bookmarks. I got one for myself and two for the gift exchange. I planned on getting her books this year and didn’t see the point in paying shipping twice. Since her works are pretty short, I’m counting them as one book for the Nerdy 30. It violates my no-buy but I’m saving on shipping and need time for it to get here from Australia.

Overall, I was better than this list makes me seem. I tried makeup in in Sephora and didn’t buy anything. I pinned and added things to my wishlist without impulsively buying things. I know I’ll be getting more clothing for my birthday so I think I’ll do a big purge in March when I’ve got a little downtime.


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