February Wrap-Up and March TBR

February was a good, not great, reading month. Of the ‘big’ books, two out of three were duds. The shorter quick reads were much more enjoyable.

Barons of the Beltway – Interesting, important topic but biased AF. I’d love to see a nonpartisan journalist take on this topic. 2.5/5

Negroland – Another great in theory but not in execution books. Full review here. 3/5

NPCs – A fun B-list fantasy novel about the NPCs in D&D games. I will be borrowing the sequel at some point in the future. 4/5

Good Riddance – A graphic memoir about divorce and starting over. Poignant and realistic. 4/5

Fox Fur – This was by BookTuber Sophie Carlon. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is but I’d go with prose poetry. I wanted there to be a bit more of it but what was there was very enjoyable. 4/5

I read more than it seems because I made progress in How to Have the Wedding You Want, The Trump Survival Guide, and Night Music but didn’t finish any of them. Consider them grandfathered into my March TBR.

March TBR

This is going to be a bit more complicated than a standard TBR. My birthday is at the beginning of March so I plan on doing my ‘read from home’ challenge when I’ve peaked on potential book gifts.

I’m still in the midst of The Trees by Ali Shaw and loving it. Once that’s done, it will go back to the library and I’ll start my ‘read from home’ challenge. I’d hoped to finish it by the end of February but schlepping my work computer back and forth was prohibitive to also toting almost 500 pages of hardcover.

All of my library holds are frozen so there shouldn’t be any surprises. Potential TBR picks include but are not limited to:

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe by Ryan North
Bad Girls throughout History by Ann Shen
The Creators Vol. 1 by Michael Bracco
Live More Want Less by Mary Carlomagno
Upside Down edited by Monica Valentinelli

I’m going to let my mood guide me on this one. I have plenty of great stuff for Women’s History month at home so we’ll see how March shapes up as it happens.


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